Add the option to play as monster when party


I hoping that TRS would add the option to play as the monster when in a party. I playing the monster, but I’m forced to play solo, even when my friends are on if I wish to do so. Frankly, it kind of stinks. It’s really fun to dominate friends and play competitively, but at the moment, I imagine you would need 5 players…

Im really hoping this is added in the full game.


It’s already in the game. Just make a custom game with your friends, and you’ll be prompted to select monster if you wish to be.


What Sannom said.


…but I would need 4 friends, right? That’s kind of my point. I usually only have 1 or 2 friends on at any given time.


you cant play competitively and with your friends as monster.
you have to decide what you want:
competitively : play as up to 4 ppl in a hunter team
for fun : 4 + 1 monster ( or 3 hunter 1 bot and so on)


And can anyone browse/join these custom games?


Saying I can’t play competitively just because they’re on my team is a load of crap. I frequently play Destiny’s rumble which is a FFA while in a party.


This isn’t Destiny. You can’t do it in this game, and it won’t be added.


i think you missunderstood something.
you can play competitively with your friends, 1 2 3 or the whole hunter scuad, but the monster will be taken randomly by matchmaking.

so bringing a friend of you as a monster would rip apart the competition as you could easy farm wins


IS there any realy difference with playing competitivley and playing for fun?


there is a ladder list :slight_smile:


also. look at this from another point, you could have 4 premades, 3 hunters, 1 monster, and then you as the last hunter, they could basically decide to skype and mess you over, telling them onster where to go and then letting you die horribly.

you can play custom with friends but having the monster in real matches is a no go.


You say ‘real’ matches as if skirmish is a ranked mode. It’s not.

Could it potentially be abused? Yes. But the cases of this occurring would be outliers at most.

There is no vote to kick option, so the party could not boot the other hunter from the party.
In order for them to win, their friend(s) must lose. This is no different than how things were back before online play.

The only method of abuse that could feasibly occur is trash talking. Which will happen anyways with hunter teams of three, or post game with teams of four. Some people are just assholes. This doesn’t solve that issue and never will.

The only method of exploitation would be farming mastery. Which can be done in a custom game without a random ruining it. So, this isn’t a good reason either.

Leaderboards are bunk anyways, and besides, if a team tries to screw over that one other player, all three of them have to take a loss as well. This would be a valid argument if say, teams were of equal size, but if a team of four were to try to screw over another player with one of them as a monster, only one of them would benefit, while three would suffer negatives.

The three might abandon the other player? Happens anyways, teams of three hunters are allowed.

I can see restricting the monster player in a ranked mode though. The monster could feed losses to the hunters, and rotate out. But this isn’t a ranked mode. This is skirmish. There is no reasonable benefit to take advantage of the system in skirmish.

If you’re the type of person that doesn’t need reasonable benefit you are also probably already ruining peoples day, and not being able to play as monster in a party is not effecting that at all.

I can find no discernible reason for monster play in a party, in skirmish, to be disallowed. UNLESS they are intending to turn skirmish mode into the ranked mode.

This restriction is akin to saying “No you can’t have that rocket ship toy because you’d use it as a boat.” It’s silly, and disappointing.

Edit: Behold, for I am a powerful necromancer! Maybe I should read the date of the last post before I say anything. =/


When they put in ranked play that queue should not allow it for the obvious reasons.


for now I think its more important to let a couple party members take turns playing monster due to the amount of people who load into a lobby as a single, see they are playing monster, and either take a turn and find out they are stuck in that role or just leave.

I’ve even had people load in, ask if we were a 4-man and leave immediately, either due to not wanting to play a group, or just not wanting to be stuck as monster every time.


Ephringael described it really well.

Even though there is some very small potential for abuse, it doesn’t matter when the alternative is much worse.

The reason many games are going to shit is because the developers try to stop every possible way of abuse in the game and forget about actual playability. This results in a very boring game that feels like you can’t do anything in.

Evolve really needs the ability to play as a monster even when in a party. There are huge amounts of players that don’t play right now just because they are forced to play as Hunters and they don’t want to just leave their friends and go play alone. I’m 100% sure that the amount of players would rise dramatically if party member monster role was actually possible.

The pros massively outweigh the cons on this issue and I think it needs to be implemented if this game wants to have any players after a few years from now.


I want to eat my friends and random people at the same time. It sucks being forced to play with bots if you don’t have an entire group of people. Especially if you’re only a group of 2. If one of you is a monster, the other is stuck with 3 bots. That’s not fun at all, imo.

And even if it was ranked… If you’re split between the teams, then one of you will win and the other will lose. Sure, the win is recorded, but the loss is too.

If it’s too much to add it into regular play, then at least make a matchmaking custom mode.