Add the option to change regions when queueing


i know this has been suggested here

but i would like to bring it up again, since its becoming increasingly hard to find players on my region.
i know that matchmaking tries to match u up within the region youre in, but because of this,depending on the time it can lead to very long queue times of 5-15 mins(i mostly play overnight by midnight until like 10 AM) and im having a bad time finding players.

give us the option to chance regions (servers) in which we queue in,so we can decrease the queue times.

Yes im aware that changing regions will affect your ping but as long as the ping is not too high, evolve is the game that compensates for ping the most that ive seen.

i live in South america(brazil), and i would like to change to US Servers from time to time, i more often get like 130ms on US east at other games for example.

ive also heard theres a way to set up your region but i dont know how, can someone tell me?