Add "Show impact" to abilities like warp blast and abduction


i like the aiming mechanism for abduction and warp blast, but it seems very clunky when you get larger.

the ability would be made a lot better if it warned you of a possible impact before launch.

another thing i noticed is that again, once you get larger, pounce seems to have a very long range. it sometimes seems a bit too long. i mean, i know that the range has to scale with size but the pounce range is like 30 meters or something, you just sort of fly forward for a while like you’re bugging out


I feel like there’s quite a few physics bugs in the final build related to stage 3 monsters that I have never noticed in beta or alpha.

Goliath and Kraken floating around on geometry seems quite common and is frustrating because it makes you helpless while the hunters tear into you.


earlier i saw a kraken T-posed wiggling around like a jello-statue of michael J fox