Add other game-modes to skirmish


Could we possibly get the option to search for game-modes besides Hunt in skirmish? Sometimes I want to play the other game-modes but don’t want to play Evacuation.


It already randomly throws you into different modes in Skirmish. :stuck_out_tongue: But I know what you mean.

It’s been brought up before. Most people are concerned about splitting the tiny playerbase.


I see the concern, but I still would like to see this added.


Yeah, sounds interesting. But I wouldn’t like Hunt to give more modes really. I only really like Hunt. I wouldn’t enjoy Skirmish anymore, if it gave different game modes. I already dislike that it occasionally does it now. : /


I was thinking it would be like you enter skirmish and there is an option to select what game-mode you want to play. Then every match you get into would only be that game-mode unless you back out and select a different one.


yea I wish ther was an option to vote either hunt or defend or hunt and nest mode…that way the majority of votes gets to get want they want…most ppl like hunt the most so mostly it would be hunt but still there should be an option for both


I don’t truly see any reason for them to make this. However I do see where you are coming from… :S


I agree that they really don’t need to add this, it’s not like this would make or break the game (for me at least). I just would like the option.


Personally I already find it annoying when I’m in a good hunt room and all of the sudden the game mode says Defend or Rescue and everyone backs out.

I vote no


I was thinking it would be a search option. Like you would go into skirmish and you could select the game-mode and it would only search for matches of that particular game mode.


Or you could just vote to skip, but HEY that’s just me.


I swear no one ever pays attention to that screen so they never vote. By the time everyone looks up from their phone, gets back from the kitchen, or gets back from the bathroom we are on the next loading screen.


yea that’s annoying when I wanna vote to skip but it changes screens be4 I get a chance too