Add option to vote for competitive rule sets on next match


I know ranked is coming, but since we have no ETA on that i propose that in the meantime in skrimish games, add a vote option where players can vote whether or not they want competitive rule sets in the next match. These rules would be what the ESL tourneys are using, so no masteries, no wildlife buffs etc.

You may have to disable this in Evacuation so people don’t whine about not being able to use their earned progression throughout the game.

The reason being is that I’m just upset at monsters with full masteries and dmg perks doing ridiculous damage with their abilities. In addition, wildlife buffs are hugely unbalanced at the moment.


How are the wildlife buffs unbalanced?


They give an advantage to the monster early game, that is often not available to the hunters; unless the monster himself/herself is unskilled, and does not know the map layout very well.


I am not a huge fan of buffs right now myself. I love the idea just not the numbers. 35% is just much for anything. I would Luke smaller % from the buffs, maybe 10 or 15% at the most for things like damage reduction

Edit: I also don’t like a monster can deny hunters, but hunters have no way to deny the monster without mines.


Do you mean this in regards to the fact that the Monster is more likely to find the buffs first or is it more along the lines of what the buff does to Monsters inrelation to what the do to Hunters?

Or is it more about the percentages needing fine tuned?


Yeah that’s what I was saying just typing fast on a phone.


I mean this in regards, that most monsters know exactly where the damage buff is; and go and pick it up before the hunters are finished dropping out of the ship. Giving them a 35% damage buff, and making it possible to kill in early stages.


Yeah I know almost all the buff spawns, other then the two new maps


The two new maps aren’t out on PC, so I know where every buff usually spawn on PC currently.


Yeah I know, but even now when I have the maps I never seem to get them.