Add Option to Kick Hunter


Encountered an AFK co-op spammer who’s using a macro to prevent his character from getting booted during a match. It’s co-op, but still not cool.

A kick function would be nice, even if the option is only available to hunters. It will help deal with AFKers as well as trolls ruining the game.


A kick option has been suggested many a time and with many people on either side however the idea of it has been rejected by TRS due to the fact that it can be abused very easily and be used by trolls more than it could be used by actual players.


And I will repeat again that black list would be a better idea.


This would be nice. A way to block those you wish not to play with. People will stop being dicks once they cant find games anymore.

Maybe make it temporary or permanent as an option?


L4D2 has it for ages and it’s a great way to block those players you don’t want to see ever again. TRS just need to pull this information from Steam.


tell me how fun a game with 3 trolls is.


/vote kick Ryaneko
/all haha you noob enjoy gettin’ kikd’
/all любит мир дружбы

-this every second game
no ty

Black list on other side=hell yeah!


Not sure what you are talking about