Add More Tutorial Levels

It would be great if we got a tutorial level for every hunter and monster. This would solve a lot of problems with noob players, and we could add something that pops up when you first start the game, asking if you want to play the tutorials. I would personally like this a lot too, since the Markov and Goliath tutorials are the closest thing to a single player campaign we have.


Meh, new players could always just watch the advanced tutorial videos or just play a solo game if they wanted to try a new hunter out.

I feel that people can watch the tutorial videos and play solo for a bit to get the feel for each character. That’s what I did and when I felt ready I jumped online. It’s not necessary to add more things that we don’t need that much.

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I agree, but not for EVERY character. Just the first character from all the classes, like how you can play as Markov and Goliath.

So like, a Support tutorial as Hank, a Medic tutorial as Val, and a Trapper tutorial as Maggie.

I’ve suggested this as well. I dont think my heart can handle a Lazarus normally reviving. This would be a wonderful addition.


I think there should atleast be tutorials for each class. Every character is unecessary though

I saw a medic attacking a 10th of a bar goliath hammering always at our relay with the MEDI-GUN. I dunno about support and trapper but for medic, DEFINITLY

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I feel like its completely neccessary, I have run into so many players that have no idea how to use their character, especially medics.

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I think the only tutorial that needs to be made is a video that specifically says “Just do your damn job” and all else will fall into place.