Add more personality to the hunters


Hello everyone.

I had to share my opinion on the character design because the hunters that are from the same class seem so similiar to each other.

Look at assault class. Both Hyde and Markov have some sort of ammo holders on their back and both of them are made from two parts (didn’t know how to explain it -> Hyde has two gas holders and Markov has two tesla coils)

Now with the new medic Caira she has same parts of the outfit as Val has.

Cabot is boring in the way of design. I don’t see anything new or interesting.

All I wanted to say is that TRS should add more spirit to their characters and match their desing with their lore.


Something important I want to add to this is that sticking to a particular color scheme with each hunter is not even that important so giving them more color variations is not a bad thing at all. The Monster mostly directs his attacks either by making a trap beforehand so he knows what to focus or by picking up on who is using what abilities on the battlefield very rarely does the coloration have any real import.

As a Support you are usually either focusing on the monster or defending the most vulnerable ally. Same thing with the medic except you either focus the Monster or focus on healing the most vulnerable player.

This can even be extended on to Assault and Trapper. As the trapper you are strictly interested in the monster the same way the Assault is which is why coloration is even less important then to the others.

TL;DR Give us more color on the hunters. There is no need to stick to the same 4 colors at all.


I think that having them be the same color for each class works out well. In the midst of battle your eyes react to input better than most other forms, and out of all sorts of shapes and patterns, it’s color that we identify and process before anything else. Having them use the same color would allow you to quickly know what it is you are looking at before shapes and other forms of visual stimuli get processed.


Well. When I look at people, they all seem so similar. They all have two arms and two legs, they all wear the same kinds of clothes, and their skin comes in black and white (talk about old school) Everywhere I go, people just all look the same. Some people also are just so boringly designed, like when I am not looking, they cease to exist. I mean, wouldn’t it also just be great if we people just looked like how they actually are? I guess they come in male and female, but the whole yin/yang and opposites attract thing is so overused. I really wish that we could just make people better, and have everyone look entirely unique and interesting. It would be so great if I could just know everything about someone’s lore by looking at them, because let’s face it, the way people look is much more important than trite things like personality and what not.

Idk, that’s just my thought anyway. :wink:

sorry, I just had to do it!

Personally, I feel that there is a lot more to the hunter’s than their face value may suggest. If any of you guys recall early gaming, character design was a bit… limited. Yet somehow everyone fell in love with… idk Mario, Link, Sonic, DK, etc. For me, the way a character model looks is a lot less important than the x factor that inspires character love ability, thats what I am getting at.


You nailed it.

I feel like the hunters have more personality than most video game characters nowadays anyhow. I mean, their dialogue alone is spectacular, and their visual style manages to capture individual character, the overarching idea of a specialized hunter team, and the cohesiveness to their gameplay. From what little I’ve seen, I can safely say that these will be some of my favorite modern game characters.


As a hunter AND a monster I want to be able to identify the hunter classes immediately anytime INGAME… That’s why I think the character design and similarities beetween hunters from the same class is a good thing but also a necessary one!

Colors and silouhettes tell you if that character is Assault (very large/red) Support (large/yellow) Trapper (normal/green) or Medic (thin/blue)…
It’s simple and clear and effective.

Also, I think their personalities are great, even The fact that Abe and Griffin look the same: it’s like one is the young trapper following his mentor steps…
Assault go close combat, I can see why they would be big and muscular…
Medics need to be discrete and fast… thin sneaky bodies… It all makes so much sense!

And about personality in dialogues, TRS already said they tried to put the most they could ingame but they had “anemic budget” for this particular job…


Can’t speak for the new ones, haven’t seen them yet. But the current Hunters have plenty of personality; if anything just expanding on what is already there would be nice. More dialogue in particular between the Hunters; I love the conversations that occur just prior to the jump.


I remember reading somewhere the Jetpacks are the same because they have the common device that gives that class its ability so, medics all have the same jetpack because it has the heal burst in it, assault the same core to hold the shield etc. Each class is also coloured to make them easier to distinguish between.

Personally I like this as it brings all the designs of the characters for a class together since they all have the same jetpack and the same primary colour. The limited VO in the alpha was actually really good and I can’t wait to see the full dialogue put in for the final game. It was already mentioned that a few VOs had to be taken out because they mentioned things no announced.

The voice acting on characters like Hyde and bucket were amazing but every character seemed to bring a lot of personality, especially considering the limited ways they can bring that across in this sort of a game. Some things need to be similar for gameplay reasons, such as outline and colour.


Well I think you have beaten me with arguments hahaha :smiley: I have to say that its quite hard to identify the hunters since the fights are quite fast paced so adding same colours seems like reasonable solution. Thank you guys for giving me yet another perspective over the game.


The best perspective, is from the Monster’s Perspective :smiley: Eat those humans who are trying to hurt your family!


I don’t think Abe is that much younger than Griffin :wink:


Let’s say less old than :-D…
I’m thinking of a relation like Kevin Costner and Robert Duval have in Open Range :slight_smile:
Your Lebowsky avatar is same age and style than Griffin though!


i’m pretty sure they’re are skins to unlock anyway? correct me if wrong but that would separate their looks even more so?


Hey! Thanks for the feedback! We intentionally kept the silhouettes and colors similar for quick recognition in combat. I am on the fence if we should add additional colors to each classes color schemes. It would lessen the quick read while giving them more flavor. It’s a tough choice!

3bx's Evolve wallpapers

I could see arguments for both sides - it certainly would be useful in combat, but it also adds to the difficulty (and realism, I suppose) to not have identifying silhouettes/colors.

Also, I was wondering how much variety there would be in the future skins…and perhaps customization within them?


I suppose it depends who is trying to read the character, if it is the monster than what you have works great, if it is for the other hunters could you get away with their glowing outline matching their class colour?

I really like the strong colour of each hunter class but I feel like if we get another 3 of each class the limited colour and silhouette eventually limits your creative options.

And if bucket taught me anything about TRS, it is you have some seriously creative character artists.