Add More Observers


Here’s the dilemma.
Evolve forces you to find friends right? But not everyone you find is always online when you are, and to have a consistent group of 4, you are probably going to need to find upwards of 6 people, more likely around 8.
But then what happens when you have 6 friends wanting to play evolve online? Well, you either head to ranked and leave 3 people out or head to customs and leave 1 out.
The thing is, if you had 8 online, you could just have 2 ranked parties.

So I suggest TRS adds another observer slot so you could accommodate 7 people. And… maybe… while your at it… add two observer slots, or three. You know. Just have a huge big ol evolve night. Why not.


I think it was once mentioned that they wanted to add more slots for observer mode, so who knows, maybe they will! :bucket_sentrygun:


The answer we were told is that its an engine restriction. Its not possible on the current system.

The dream is real, however…