Add more challenges


TRS, can we have more difficult challenges? As of now all we have is simple stuff like “kill 100 reavers” or “run X distance”. Could we have much more difficult challenges relating to each character? So for example, with Val make a challenge to get 500 medgun ribbons, and if you get that you get a badge or emblem or something small but rewarding. We need more hard to achieve challenges, but ones that you don’t have to go out of your way to get. Also, don’t count solo because then everyone would just boost.

Opinions on this? Anyone else feel this way?


I’ve always thought it would be cool to add levels to the elite system. Like, maybe after 3 star challenges they add 4 star challenges (and 5 star and 6 star etc.) that give you no bonus for completing them aside from maybe a number next to your elite emblem. It would give the grinders much more reason to stay and play the game, and if you really love one character you can show off your hours with more than your elite skin. also it seems like it’d only be a few hours of brainstorming and a few more lines of code for the devs.


Exactly. Elite doesn’t mean to much anymore. I’d love to see an elite Maggie with a 4 on there emblem, that way you know they’ve played quite a bit with Maggie and didn’t just grind solo.

Also yeah, I love grinding things in games, or atleast games that don’t have a level cap. It makes you feel like there’s always something more to work towards, even if it is just a bigger number.


yeah exactly, and when you run out of things to work towards then the game loses a lot of value and you want to move on to the next one. A change like you suggested might help keep the playerbase from deteriorating


Thank you for the feedback & we are listening! There will be more achievements / challenges in the future! TU09.


Umm… I friggin love that little bit of info you just let out. TY!!


more free skins for in game challenge while your at it :wink:



Great news! Can this time the challenges be available to showcase in lobby somehow…? As right now the challenges are really useless in my opinion because you can’t show anyone apart from ya mum what you’ve earned.


Woot! New 'Chieves!

Aaaand they’re done! :smiley:

Must say though… Ninja Time was a pain. Had to cheat a bit for that one, no way I was ever going to get that in an actual PVP game :stuck_out_tongue:


Last time they added achievements was with Arena mode… new maps/modes inbound?


But plzzz dont make em like emet’s elite respawn beacon xD only possible to get if you go solo in arena mode and customize the rules if you ask me…
Just like tech.sgt.hank with his orbital…those cant be achieved in multiplayer…
Just like is posted…make achievements/trophies that take alot of time to get but you can make progress with at every game you play :smiley:
This way there is no/limited frustration in going for those achievements


Is there a possibility that the Beta elite skins will be brought in as earnable (or free) skins? Maybe given out to everyone or added as a reward for getting all abilities to 2 stars, like a Master Skin below the Elite Skin?



Sorry, I forgot about that reply. Ah well, at least people who didn’t see that thread know about this now.