Add monster perks that increase overall damage


How come monsters not have a perk as simple as that? And no, the pounced damage perk is so silly you’ll rarely be able to sneak attack someone, and even when you do, it’ll only last for 2-3 seconds. I know there are elite wildlifes that increase overall damage, but they spawn very late at the match, and not all maps has those elite wilflifes. If overall damage perks make monsters OP, then at least ability damage perks.


Just what do you think the cooldown reduction perks are?
How about we nerf the 36% damage reduction monsters get, before we even discuss adding or buffing perks.


They just reduce the amount of time it takes for them to cooldown, I want a perk that increases DAMAGE not reduces COOLDOWN


More abilities faster = more damage. I know what you’re asking for, but it would OP as all hell.


CDR increases your dps by a LOT.Also increases your utility

Your suggestion would be different in the sense that the monster would also have more burst with each ability.And i don’t think atm giving more burst to 600 aoe damage monsters is a good idea


I’m a main monster player and honestly this is a terrible idea. Increasing overall damage on someone like Goliath would make him broken beyond belief, and honestly it shows up so late in the game to force it to end. I can be losing against the hunters, run away and get that perk then suddenly win since I’m actually able to damage them.


Do you want that perk in which u can one shot a hunter?

too bad mate… its going to be OP as hell… I’m also playing monsters frequently and I think its a terrible idea…


The game is kind of balanced around abilities having certain damage values. You might be able to bring the abilities up more often with CDR perks, but the hunters still have counterplay in that situation as they can use CC or jetpacks to nullify your advantage if they are good (though they would have to be good!).

Damage just makes that combo that should leave you ALMOST dead so that the monster has to follow up with a melee at least, actually just leave you dead… and no-one likes combo insta-deletion mechanics.