Add monster customization into Evolve ( reply if you want this too to show support)


I know it might be a long shot but I figured I came up with a good idea and one that could not only bring communities and clans together but also add another level of depth to the game. I hope that perhaps turtle rock could add a system where I can pay a certain price to allow me to modify a monster or hunter and add my own skin in a somewhat character creator tool in order to make my own personal looking monster/hunter, even if it is just simply choosing from a selection of colors and textures. I think this would greatly enhance the game although I understand that if you have DLC plans for new skins it might put those down the drain but with this in mind you could make it slightly more expensive than regular skin packs where I could choose to modify either the Goliath, Kraken, Wraith or all three. Or an individual hunter, or all those in a class like the system now. Please could you take this into consideration as I personally feel this would be a wonderful idea. Thank you and I greatly appreciate any other comments even if they are explaining why this cannot occur.
P.S. PSN account is Umbra Agent X, have Abe as an elite and also enjoy Goliath. On PS4.

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