Add link to forum home at bottom of thread


To the TRS Web Developer(s),

Is it at all possible to add that link you have that says ‘EVOLVE FORUMS’ which links to to the bottom of the threads as well? (Not sure how customizable this forum is)

I ask, because, XHR-loaded content aside, in order to go back to the forum home page, I have to click the navigation at the bottom to open up the pagination, then click TOP, then click that link. It would be convenient if it was also located at the bottom.

Death to Internet Explorer!


If you click the turtle in the top left corner you should return to the homepage


Good on ya. Thanks! For some reason, I associate logos like that with taking me to the home page of the website, and not the forums. Nonetheless, exactly what I’m lookin for. Kudos.


Question answered.

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