Add Game Time to UI(also buff notifications)



I know the UI has gotten a little beefy with the addition of the dome and dropship timer being permanent, but, I’d like to add the total game time to the UI.

I noticed that a lot of the Stage 2 changes- the dome, buff spawning, dropship- revolve around time.

In the case of the dome, time plays a huge role. Sure, the monster could not fight for 5 minutes, but that 5 minutes is nearly half of the whole game time. This limits monsters options; they either fight and have time to make it to Stage 3, or don’t and find themselves struggling to do so in a timely matter.

The problem is, most players, monsters and hunters alike, don’t know this. It’s more of an issue for hunters right now.

Maybe TRS doesn’t want gameplay to work this way, but since time is now on the hunters side while in a dome, they can easily just sit in an area that is advantageous to them, and wait for the monster to come to them. This helps hunters(which have been struggling in quick play) quite a lot.

Maybe I’m wrong, but making the game time more obvious might get hunters’ gears turning.

P.S. also, if a timer is added, I propose the color of the timer match the tier of buffs that most recently spawned.

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