Add a push-to-talk option to controller config?


I’m a PC player but I like to play this game with an Xbox controller. At the moment, push to talk isn’t a button you can use on controllers nor can you add it to a button for the controller in the options, so what i’m doing to PTT is putting it on CTRL on my keyboard and activating it with my big toe while I have both hands on the controller, which is weird and silly.

Currently, clicking left stick in on the xbox controller is a completely free keypress that I think would be a great place to put a push to talk button for controllers on PC version


I made the same request earlier this week.

Just an FYI, I’ve been barking up that tree since the game came out.

Had to get Pinnacle Remapper to map the g key to my controller in the meantime.
But the more people complain, the sooner TRS will get this implemented.

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