Add a new kind of kraken or wraith like the meteor goliath


i kind of want you to add a kind of kraken or wraith like the grim wraith or a acid kraken and maybe add a map called flood where if you play as kraken you can brethe under the water and all the hunters have water suits that have a tiny bit of defence


Underwater thing wouldn’t work. Just wouldn’t be good for gameplay. They are working on adaptations for tiers 2 and 3 of monsters and hunters


oh then no map


but i do have ideas on what the grim wraith and acid kraken could do the acid krakens abilitys will do acid damage and the grim wrath will do bleeding and extra damage because she will not have skin on her blades


would that work?


TRS can’t look at suggestion threads and much less use suggestions due to Legal Reasons being OP.

We are all collectively looking for a way to nerf Legal Reasons into the dirt like Wraith was but Legal Reasons have a lot of programming defense walls.

It’ll take time to crack…


what is cracking


Means to figure out. English isn’t your first language, is it?


it is but ive just never hearned anybody use the word crack


They are making adaptations for T2 and T3. Kraken adapt will likely come out after T5S.


everybody is scared about a kraken-adaptation. remove the flying on the next kraken and see how powerful it still is. ;D
seriously it will be a sad day if a kraken-adaptation will be released.
lose the last 1000 players you got. maybe the kraken-players will keep playing but they can play with the bots because bots dont complain. ^^


I’m sorry, what? Lol of course they’re making a Kraken adaptation. Kraken is fine balance wise, and I haven’t seen anyone scared of a new Kraken variant. Everyone has their hard counters. Work around it instead of complaining about new free content.


Who’s scared? I’m mainly a hunter and I’m excited for the new kraken as well


Only thing we know so far about Kraken adaptation is, that the Lightning strike will have chain effect


well i play quick play and the only annoying thing is most players fail dodging his attacks and dealing dmg to him. so compared with other monsters kraken seems more powerful to most players in quick play instead of other monsters.
sry they spam the chat with complains so pls fix.


There is nothing to fix. The solution to this is to dodge, aim, and make sure yor medic or your Hank/Sunny (if you have them) are doing their jobs.


um they barley finished t1


A Reaper Wraith? :joy: Yes! Wither her already beautiful scythe arms, yes! Just add a hood and some Death-inspired changes to her abilities (exploding undead Decoy?)…Either that or some type of ethereal or black hole type Wraith. I still want a Supernova with a smaller radius, but a slow down effect similar to Gorgon’s Web Snare effects (just slightly weaker movement reduction for Hunters. Otherwise it’d be OP).


The black hole would be sick. Supernova would pull hunters toward it.


Just thought of a good name for it: Dark Nova. Or Black Nova. Black Hole sounds too…Rule 34. I thing a Gravity Blast having a similar suction effect eofr Warp Blast would be great. Decoy and Abduction…Need something different. Can’t think of what, though.