Add a Mutations Mode


If anyone remembers lfd2, there’s this weekly limited game mode that was different every time. It’s designed to be fun intended, we should have something like that right here in evolve, something that incoherently does not needed major balancing intended in its design.

Modifiers like all 4 people being tanks or the only survivor way to win is by taking the gnome with you were some interesting ones that I can remember.

An example modifier I suggest would be gravity decreases, or increased monsters and hunters in a match modifier.

What’s yer thoughts on this fellas?


Yes please


No idea what the mutations would be, but I imagine they could think of some fun ones. I don’t play L4D2 as often these days but when I do it is ALWAYS using the Follow the Liter mutation, so there’s a good chance for some gameplay gems to pop out.


random map effect :smile:
2 monsters instead of one
5 hunters instead of 4 5th guy gets to pick his class cannot pick a character that is taken
just ssome ideas for the “mutations”


My suggestion: Every Hunter can choose what ever he wants, no limitations whatsoever. Which means: 2 Laz + 2 Bucket, 4 Caira, Cabot Hank Parnell and Torvald and much more. I’d like to see a game mode where 4 Markovs lay 20 mines around the Relay or 2 Trappers switch the dome infinitely :smiley:


Speed round
Infinite jetpacks
Infinite traversals
50% movement speed buff for everyone, wildlife included
No domes
Monster starts stage two


I usually don’t like new game mode suggestions around here, but I really like this idea. I can certainly think of some mutations that would be fun to play around with :smiley_cat:


Here’s a link to lfd2’s mutation, list.

You guys REALLY a woulda liked some of them I’m sure.


Im not saying that i dont like your idea, i just want to make a statement as to why this would most likely never happen.

Left For Dead 2 was not made by TRS, only the first 1 was


Ahhhh, what???


But that doesn’t mean they can’t steal the idea right?


YES to this idea. Mutations were my favorite part of L4D2 next to regular VS. Tank mode with a full lobby was always loads of fun!!

I can only imagine the crazy/fun stuff that an Evolve Mutation mode could have. It would be epic.


They would most likely have to pay valve for it, unless they changed the name and made it look as if its not the same


What??? Isn’t he name mutation is too broad for them to put a copyright on it?

It’s not like Gears of War made claim to the horde mode idea, even when games after it created horde modes of their own.


Gears wasnt the first game to have a horde mode

I dont know if they would have to pay valve, im just speculating


How about of instead of calling it “mutations” call it warp limbo (basically slightly redesigned maps and some CRAZY wildlife) ex : GIANT mammoth birds tiny spotter sized crowbill sloths and to top it off a sky of trippy tydy,tydae,ti-die??? YOU GET IT. Along with the whole modifications etc.


Survival mode where the only wildlife are extremely aggressive mammoth birds (think nest minion aggressive) that spawn in waves of increasing size until either the hunters or monster are jolted into oblivion. I foresee no problems.