Add a Lore Tab

I think something that the game could benefit from is a Lore Tab in the main menu. This tab could list all the different Hunters, and when you open it up, can explain more about their backstory and where they came from. It could also have other story tabs, such as a tab for the Mutagen Wars, or the history of the Hub. Maybe have the stories told about them from the wiki page. It’s a small addition to the game and I think it would be interesting, especially to better flesh out the world that Evolve has created.


It would be nice to see this! But it would be better if they unlock once you hear a dialogue about it or achieve something else :smile:


I support this

Also, the lore could update itself with the dropship conversations that you hear. Adding details to the hunter’s bio when conversations are heard.


Had to auto like this because you didn’t ask for it to have the origins of the Monster.

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I like that idea too! :smile: That idea reminds me of the note system from Devil May Cry, where it would update the bio of a demon when it used a new move.

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It could also give you the option to listen to dropship dialogues you’ve heard

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I have to approve this idea. It would definitely be a good addition and I feel it would increase the overall interest in things as far as lore goes.

Yeah we’ve talked about something like this, it’s a good idea.






Make it happen! ;W;


I remember that there was an early idea of having a ‘Hunter’s Guide’ that unlocked after defeating various wildlife etc… It got scrapped but always thought it would be ‘neat’ if added.

Also, I thought that the title was Add a Loratab :stuck_out_tongue:

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I approve.


lore tab makes me more obsolete than I already am


I would love a lore tab, and/or the ability to listen to dialogue outside of gameplay. There is so much good stuff that people miss if they don’t know where to look or are in the heat of battle.

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