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I’ve been working on a game called adaption, 2BH this was when evolve wasn’t even announced. So i was pretty excited for this game to come out. It hasn’t been coding or anything at all. I’ve just been gathering up information and when i finally find a team. It’ll be done in probably the next 15 years or so :stuck_out_tongue: I haven’t told my family yet so you guys are the first one’s to hear about it. YEAH!!! But yeah i hope it turns out well and when i am finished with the docs it will be here and you can tell me if it needs changes or so :smiley: BYE


What’s it about?


I haven’t really got a plot down, but something along the lines of your a monster that kills things and actually will have a campaign and it’ll be awesome. You can target a threat (Human) and study that type of person and adapt to it. There will be balances and changes over time. The humans will be able to create their weapons and vehicles, like a helicopter or tank. I’ll tag you in these updates if you would like when more comes out. Also just think evolve with a campaign XD It’s multiplayer


I know i know it sounds like a rip off of evolve but truly evolve ripped off me, not really but haha


I like this.


Me too this will be an epic game when it comes out. -Sighs- Such projects


Eh not really, from what you’ve described this game is actually pretty different from Evolve.


Really YEAH it’s hard to create a game from something i love. I still have to stick what myself wanted though. It’s easy for me to drift off a game that i have too a rip off of another game (Most likely something like infamous or evolve)

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I feel like i shouldn’t be talking right now, I’m too excited that someone likes it. I can’t English either


I’m already working on a game with my friends but it would be nice to have something else to do in my spare time.
I do 3D modelling, texturing, a bit env and character concept art as well as a bit C# programming. I have a lot of experience in Unity and Source engine and a bit in Unreal 4 and Cryengine 3. I also do a lot of self study in Game Design with mostly focus on Level design.

So if you need people let me know.


That’s amazing, Now this is my first time creating a game. So i don’t really know what kind of team people i need


What game are you guys working on?


@Sentry_Gun i saw you stalkin around you got any thoughts?

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Not anything I can talk about yet. :frowning: :cry:


Dang it, I bet it’ll be an amazing game, I am updating the Docs as i speak


I agree with @TheDumbassGamer, I love the idea of a monster studying humans and then adapting, sounds scary if you ask me xD

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I guess it’d be like an alien. The humans can adapt too. I’m not sure if i like calling humans any other names?

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I can say that they all have an ability too “Hide” they basically camouflage onto the ground and when a threat comes by that can sneak attack them and gobble gobble

M+ Rated M for mature


Well, depends on what kind of humans they are. Maybe call humans who want to fight the monsters: mercenaries, hitmen , soldiers, exterminators or assassins, I don’t know :sweat_smile:



Defiantly calling them exterminators and have a class as an assassin