'Adapted full armor glow'

As the title already partially tells (or should tell :P), I think it would be great if the glow of the monster at full armor would adapt to the skin it is selected with. For example, Goliath White Tiger Skin with a white-ish glow at full armor. Every monster with every skin glowing red is too repetitive/kinda boring, in my opinion…
What do you guys think?


Goliath glows red.

Kraken glows blue.

Wraith glows pink.

Behemoth glows red.

They almost all glow different colors and for the skin to change what color you glow would require a bit more of coding.

It seems I haven’t been paying enough attention lately xD

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All Monster glow differently. Except to change the glow color it would require a ton of coding to add individual glow colors for skins.

Only Monster that glows with the skin’s color is Wraith. :stuck_out_tongue:

I almost thought it would be a beautifull poem…

ach, next time better i suppose ^.^


Goliaths are red,

Krakens are blue,

I love Monsters, and so should you.


I think it’s orange.


Thats more like it!

Now spread the love-for-monsters-poem around!

I wish we could adjust our monsters armor and eye glow to whatever we wanted! Have it on a slider like the badge colors.

This would allow cool color combos with the skins.

Supposedly, Wraith actually glows white.

No. No she doesn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

One of the devs said white in a previous thread. Can’t find it at the moment, but I think it was… @Bambe maybe?

Edit: ah, found it! Telemetry and Game Balance

One major problem is like what someone else already said plus the monster abilities deal with the color glow as well Goliath’s red because of flame breath, Kraken’s abilities range with lighting… wraiths white glow deals with supernova, and behemoth’s orange/red deals with lava bomb and his other abilities such as fissure.

He’s a concept artist, also look at her default skin, its pink :stuck_out_tongue:

:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: he got the message shredder we acknowledge the pink

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It is orange

image if wraiths armor was that pink i would be laughing right now


Someone Photoshop Wraith glowing hot pink. I need it for science reasons.

image the picture says all about what i gotta say about that…