Adaptations, Maybe we're simply asking the wrong questions?


So many of us have and will be waiting eagerly for this new patch and more importantly (for the topic anyway) the T2/T3 hunter adaptations that have been mentioned to be working on. So we all in some way or another whether it be voice chat, or here on the forums, or even just in our heads have thought of what these new adaptations will be. If we ask, we get the run around (not complaining, you guys want it to get its own glory when its ready and thats great) however; what if we are asking the wrong questions?

We may say oh he may have this or do that ( im hoping for a laz that has a short range blink/teleports instead of cloaking but anyway lol) could you (the devs) say what you have tried for the adaptations but just didnt work out? whether it was a good on paper idea, or ability didnt fit right or what have you. It’ll be like a community game of guess who except that the answer wont be touched on since we are only hearing the ones that failed/didnt work out.

I understand if thats not something you can do and i/we’d respect that, however it would be giving us details, which we know wont be in game ever but, it would focus’ our speculations onto something positive as it would narrow what we think the possibilities to be. Again though the truth will be remained behind closed doors as it is still something you are all working on. Just something to distract the communities mind perhaps…?


Might be something they will do after the Adaptations release.


ok fair enough, but counter point. what about T1? were those the first ideas and they worked fine or were there others that were good or bad and didnt make the cut?