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Some balance questions I have about the first tier adaptions and Elder Kraken. I would like to bump this when more Adaps come out :slight_smile:


  • Made 4/16/16

##Meteor Goliath/Meaty

  • Overpowered
  • Balanced
  • Underpowered

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##Elder Kraken/EK

  • Overpowered
  • Balanced
  • Underpowered

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##Blitz Markov/Blitzkov

  • Overpowered
  • Balanced
  • Underpowered

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##Rogue Val/Blondie

  • Overpowered
  • Balanced
  • Underpowered

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##Wasteland Maggie/Daisy #Waggie

  • Overpowered
  • Balanced
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##Tech Sgt. Hank/Sarge

  • Overpowered
  • Balanced
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:meteor_goliath: /Up.

Water cancels out his DoT, less burst damage.

:elderkraken: /Up

Like Gorgon, only three abilities are good. Chain Lightning is just… eh…

:markov_bl: /Balanced

Close to Up, but I’ve seen him work.

:val_rogue: /Balanced

Okay healing and works great with Sunny or Hank.

:maggie_wasteland: /Op

Harpoon. 'Nuff said.

:hank_techsgt: /Up

Those shields man. Waiting for that double capacity.



<I gotcha fam


Being reworked to have DoTs not be canceled out by water. Which could be scary as it could make him OP after that.

I’ve found him very well to play with

Like you said, Okay healing

Nods head

Me too

Fixed :slight_smile:


I know, just saying how I feel how he is right now.

Chain sometimes randomly breaks. Give him a smack or two and the chain breaks and then the tesla gun needs to recharge. He’s Lennox but weaker.


Hmm, I said that when he came out haha


:monster: MG balance (except his FB OP )

:monster: Elder kraken UP (receive too much damage - his traversal UP / CL is UP )

:assault: Blitz UP & OP in some situations ( I feel he needs rework on LG just like lennox changes)

Reason :

Against mitigated monster . Blitz does barely do any damage / in relay fight blitz does too much damage

:trapper: WLM OP (everything is OP)

:support: Tech Hank UP (shield charge is useless / orbital drill is OP )

:medic: Rogue Val is balanced


:meteor_goliath: I’d say is OP since all of his abilities light hunters on fire LEADING to support not being able to cloak to get away. Behemoth and OG only have 1 ability that lights hunters ablaze. In TU9 hunters can’t put out fires so he will be unstoppable.

:elderkraken: With his chain lightning, I’d say UP. With the micropatch soon™ he should get his abilities buffed.

:markov: He is what Lennox would look like if she was free. He is great in low-level play but in high-level it is hard to get to gold stage of TG. He does less damage if he can’t get to red/gold. UP

:val: Super useful if the monster likes focusing medic, but horrible if monster likes targeting trapper/support. She is risky with offensive teams. Balanced

:maggie: OP cuz’ damage.

:hank: UP because no capacity.


Here is my side of things:

:meteor_goliath:: His Rock Throw is only able to be dodged if you see it coming, otherwise it is hard to dodge.
His Leap Smash makes is hard for Hunters to run away as he can jump 3 times very far with out breaking a sweat to get to you.
The Flame Breath ability is better in every way, the farther reach makes this ability deadly while the narrow flame does nothing to stop it.
His Charge ability has the extra distance on it only making it good for getting away. If you miss a hunter with it then you have to have it completely recharge until you can either hit or miss again.
I think she is OP even after TU9

:elderkraken:: Most people don’t get that he is a brawler now and not a aerial attacker. He must use the ground. The Lightning Strike is immovable but has great damage and radius.
The Banshee Missile does move slow but has more power than the Lightning Strike.
The Chain Shock is powerful from the start of the shock to the end as it jumps in power.
The Death Spiral is good in damage and can definitely block of a path for hunter not to go.
OP and not UP

:markov_bl:: The Tesla Gun is a great gun, if you can’t hit it then you might want to change weapons until the Monster unfocuses you. But it’s great in damage, recharge rate and has an increased capacity.
The Tesla Mines have great radius and damage but they play better in defend or hunt. The reason they have such low damage is because it’s a punishment for the Monster not paying attention to you.
The Assault rifle is good, having fast fire rate and a lower clip makes it balanced
Perfectly balanced

:val_rogue:: The Sniper Rifle may have gotten rid of the piercing rounds but that’s fine as it has 3 damaging bullets.
The ChainMedgun is horrible in my opinion unless it focuses on one person. @chrono told me it has a higher healing rate then the normal one. Still seems slow to me.
The Poison Dart Rifle is OP to me as it stills gives the Monsters position and then damages over time.
Balanced in Fighting, UP in healing

:maggie_wasteland::Instead of just saying OP let’s give some reason shall we? The Burst Pistol deals good damage and it would be better off with a smaller clip as it does do damage over time.
The Harpoons do need a radius nerf or at least a damage nerf maybe nothing if the monsters get a melee radius increase
Daisy is good with the flamethrower and does enough damage to become a hunter of herself.
I’m just saying, look at all the buffs and nerf coming to the monsters, we don’t want to nerf some Hunters if the Monsters can counter attack them and then the Hunters become underpowered and the Monsters become overpowered.
Overpowered as of now

:hank_techsgt:: Laser cutter is good in range and damage and does not need a damage nerf
The Shield Charger is already getting twice as much capacity and hopefully a giving rate
The orbital drill is fine, it has slow movement and good damage. It’d be worse if it had the damage of the Orbital Barrage.
UP in supporting, Balanced in Fighting


Since everyone seems to agree with each other fairly well, here’s just some random food for thought:

Meteor Goliath

While slightly underpowered, does cause the favor of a match to sway too much in my opinion.
If everything goes to plan, Meaty will be slightly weaker than his original counterpart in the end.
However, there are some occasional scenarios where Meaty becomes super frustrating to deal with, such as:

  1. His insanely fast Rock Throw. If you don’t anticipate it, there’s no way in hell you’ll be dodging this one.
  2. Dat Flame Breath. Good lord. It’s definitely better than OG’s FB in every possible way.
  3. RIP Cloaks. If we want Evolve to be less frustrating for both sides and are talking about reducing the anti-fun factor of Spore Clouds, chase comps and Kraken, then I think Meaty’s complete destruction of Hunters that were hoping to get away needs to be addressed at some point in the future as well.
    Then again - Cloaks will be addressed in the future, so I suppose we’ll see.


As mentioned in a different thread about the least effective Hunters in their class, I’m still not sure what role Blitzkov is really trying to fill.

He’s supposed to be the fine middle ground between the safe damage output from Markov and the burst potential from Lennox but not only does that mean he’s in an obsolete and awkward spot, he’s also got the worst of both worlds.

If people want an Assault with reliable, safe damage they will go Markov or even Hyde.
If people want the occasional chance to do insane burst damage, they choose Parnell or Torvald.

Blitzkov is middle ground in a field where middle ground is unnecessary and doesn’t make any sense. That’s why, in my opinion, he is outshined by every other Assault. (even Lennox, who I believe to be complete trash against 90% of Monster playstyles)

His “high burst” yellow beam breaks super easily, takes forever to get going, ends too soon without the Capacity perk and doesn’t even do a whole lot of damage.
However if this yellow beam is not consistently achieved, Blitzkov’s damage output will be incredibly low, even far lower than original Markov’s.

Again - whether you want safety or high burst - there’s better Assault picks out there that completely outshine Blitzkov in their department.



I don’t think that was me.
Rogue has 20hps from Heal Field and 70hps from medgun.
If BOTH are healing someone they get 90hps.

Vanilla Val has 110hps from the medgun AND can use healburst for clutch heals if need be.

Val is by far and away the best healer out of the two.


Oh, okay.

New info to be stored


Well either way what the votes show is whats being changed so I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Will be a useful poll for after the micropatch however at the moment it is only telling us what a lot of us agree on.


Rogue Val is underrated she should just be used for different comps than Val. She is a tank if you can dodge.