Adaptation Ideas!


Hi everyone! Recently, as the adaptation hype gets larger and larger, the threads made are also increasing aswell. So I’ve decided to make a thread (with the confirmation of The_CreatorX) where you can post all your hunter and monster adaptations here.

If you see any threads about adaptations, please tag @The_CreatorX or other leaders to merge into this one.

So, here is what you need to provide for your idea:

Remember that the weapon and ability has to be the same but with a twist to it.

Hunters Name:___________

Description/Background (why this character is different compared to the other one):_________

First Ability/Main Weapon:__________
Second Ability/Tracking Tool/Tactical Ability:_________
Third Ability/Secondary Weapon/Healing Tool/CC/Tactical Ability:_________
Class Special (can be different!):__________

Monsters Name:__________


First Ability:__________
Second Ability:____________
Third Ability:_________
Fourth Ability:________


Passive Ability:_____________

Start posting guys!

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Wouldn’t this go into suggestions thread?


No, because as I said, they are not going to make a fan made monster. This is a thread for people to post down what they think the variations would be like in the future.


Alrighty then


Security Bucket-

Bucket was always known as a selfish support so he now has a cloak that can buff hunters defense up and his sentry guns now shoot weak points for other hunters can take advantage of. He now can actually support others.

He spray painted all navy blue with a little of yellow still showing up in some areas. His eye color is now red, and he has white eagle spray painted badly on his chest. (Just missing an eagle on chest :frowning: )

Homing rockets: clip size goes down to 3, fire rate goes up. And has a lock on feature. The longer he holds his laser on the monster the more rockets he can lock on the monster then shoot. So a meter will go from 1 to 3 representing the number of rockets in a clip. Takes 2 secs to lock on 1 missile 3 secs for 2 missles and 4 secs for 3 missles. Rockets will instantly lock on a monster that is tagged by buckets uva

Security drones. 3 drones. Damage is decreased. And sentry guns leave small weak points on monster.

Assault mode uva. Has same uva but sentry drones 4 and 5. Follow buckets head and will fire at the monsters. (Like normal sentry drones). And once monster is tagged. The drones will continue to follow monster for a couple of more secs. Monsters can destroy them

Cloaking barricade. Cloak only cloaks bucket now. And any hunter with in 30-40m of bucket will receive a small defense boost including bucket him self. The defense boost is Passive and only activates when the cloak is on.


Combat Drone Bucket

Combat Drone Bucket requires less continuous focus to ensure his main weapon hits, allowing the player to focus more on good placement of turrets. The tracking UAV has received several buffs but requires more skill for tracking.

Rocket Launcher: Rockets no longer have a laser to home on, but have increased clip size and projectile speed.

Energy Turrets: Turrets have a longer arm time and do less damage but a longer range, they lock onto a target and fire a constant energy beam, the more turrets that are firing on a target the more damage each turret does (i.e… 1 turret fires, it does 10 damage per sec, 2 turrets fire, each turret does 20 damage per sec).

Tracking Drone: Moves faster and has a longer battery life, rather then locking on you have a one shot tracking dart gun, when you fire the drone goes down, regardless of if you hit.

Cloak: Smaller radius and less time but hides jetpack and footprints


hmmm. dont know but @Buckets_Sentry_Gun

Dont know which would be considered official. this, Fishy, or Unrustled’s?


This is a tough decision. Ok, since the other threads are gathering dust, I can merge them with this one and make it the official one.

@TheUnrustled @FishyG23 what do you guys think?


Wildman Griffin
Not sure on appearance but use your imagination.
Primary: Guass Rifle, unlike his SMG, this variation is still just as accurate, but is semi auto and deals a bit more damage then the SMG.
CC: Harpoon Launcher, Although very similar in mechanics the harpoon launcher deals damage over time while the poon is in the target but has less of a range.
Tracking: Pulse Spike: Unlike the sound spike which tracks the monster through sound, the pulse spike sends out pulses every 5 seconds that give detailed information of the area, if the monster is near then it will be highlighted and kept highlighted for several seconds.


lol…as if it could be any less than it is now…lol

similar to smelling i assume? or like a “refreshing dust tag”? (i would hope the refreshing dust tag to prevent issues)


There’s a difference other than that smelling pulses out and dust tag just fills an area?


smelling outlines terrain to an extent, where as dust tag highlights all wildlife.


Wears a loincloth and has dreadlocks.


Yes, works like dust tag.


Thank you for calling it a adaptation instead of a variant like some very annoying people. :smile:
We don’t call Maggie, Marge. Get the name right.


Wait, my decision? Oh… Um… Hm…

I say go for it, man. Do as you please.


Well, I’ll do it, I hope fisher is ok with it :smile:


Its about 9:00 in the morning and Im bored, so I thought why not make a list of possible hunter adaptations?

Tier 1:

Roque Val:

Medgun - Roque Val’s medgun now has a tri-beam. The medgun has reduced capacity and range, if you are within range and you have multiple teammates in your line of sight, pressing the aim button will allow you to heal multiple teammates at a reduced rate.

Tranquilizer Darts - Instead of slowing the monster, the darts will now slightly distort the monsters vision, such as how they would earlier in game development. These darts would still outline the monster.

Sniper Rifle - The sniper now only fires charged shots, which will give more damage at impact and leaves larger weak points that last longer.

Warrior Hank

Laser Cutter - Will now fire a solid beam of energy. Has less capacity but does better damage over time.

Orbital Barrage - Missiles are spread out in a much more large area, making it easy to block of pathways and deny areas, but harder to concentrate damage on one spot.

Shield - Lasts much longer but is based on the amount of time used on someone rather than damage taken by shield. Can still be destroyed if destroyed before it runs out of capacity, similarly to the personal shield.

Nimble Maggie

SMG - Is much more accurate at the cost of capacity.

Harpoon Traps - Now has an extended area of activation, making it easier to keep away from monster attacks while it is arming. Has increased arm time.

Daisy - Now moves at a much faster pace, and will separate further from the group to find the monster. Will no longer sniff the ground while near a sneaking monster, but will still head in the direction of a sneaking monster until close, where she will be confused in her movements.

Blitz Markov

Lightning Gun - Fires charged bursts of lightning. These bursts will only have slight auto aim, and will deal massive bursts of damage. Still can be chained.

Assault Rifle - Once monster is shot it will have an electric status effect, which will damage it for a short time. Bullets have reduced damage

Mines - Mines will now take 2.5 seconds to arm. Will do reduced damage, but will be placed very often.

Tier 2

Rogue Lazarus

Sniper Rifle - Turns into a fully auto sniper with more capacity. Has smaller weakpoints and worse accuracy.

Lazarus Device - Can revive instantaneously, but needs to go through long charge time, which can start before you reach the body. While it is charging and even when it is fully charged, your cloak will be inactive until you release the charge, either on a body or anywhere else to get rid of the charge.

Cloak - Works the same except for being inactive while charging the lazarus device.

Warrior Bucket

Rocket Launcher - Fires 10 fully auto rockets. These do reduced damage, and allow for large bursts of damage.

Turrets - Now fire small rockets. This allows them to have more consistent damage at range, and small splash damage, but a lower rate of fire. Splash damage can destroy the turrets if the monster is close enough.

UAV - Instead of hovering,cthe UAV has a more plane like design while flying. It has plane like wings, and its thruster is on the back. It cannot be stopped in mid air, but will move much faster. The constant movement makes it harder to tag the monster.

Nimble Griffin

Assault Rifle - has higher rate of fire and lower damage and accuracy.

Harpoon Gun - Now has the bonus function of attaching a second harpoon to whatever he would like. If one harpoon is stuck to a wall, another can be shot before reloading attaching that monster to the wall, making it easier to stop the monster while it is running towards you. Harpoons can also be attached to two walls, to create a breakable barricade. Has longer reload and both shots must be attached to something before the harpoon effect works.

Sound Spikes - Has smaller radius, but can detect sneaking as long as the monster is within its range.

Blitz Hyde

Flamethrower - Will now shoot two short streams of fire. While this increases both damage and capacity, it heavily decreases range.

Minigun - Has a faster fire rate. Damage is decreased.

Toxic Grenades - Will once again slow down hunters, but can be thrown down much more frequently and do increased damage.

Tier 3

Rogue Caira

Napalm Grenades - Caira now duel wields two rapid fire grenade launchers. The rate of fire and capacity are heavily increased while the damage is lowered.

Healing Grenades - Caira has duel wield rapid fire healing grenade launchers. Higher rate of fire and capacity for lower healing.

Acceleration Field - Caira and surrounding teammates go extremely fast for a much shorter period of time. You dont go as far as you go with the old acceleration field but you reach your destination much faster.

Warrior Cabot

Railgun - Shots do more damage, and headshots now have a concussive effect on the monster, making things slightly distorted. Reload speed is decreased.

Damage amplifier - Does 2.2x damage to armor and 1.8x damage to health, making it a great tool to start doing health damage, but makes it harder to finish the monster off.

Dust tagging - Covers a much larger area, but doesnt last as long. This makes tracking from far away much easier, but makes it harder tokeep sight on the monster.

Nimble Abe

Shotgun - can be fired faster at long range with consistent accuracy, but slower at close range.

Stasis Grenades - Can hold monster to the ground much better (slows behemoths rolling more) but has a smaller radius.

Tracking Darts - Tracking darts emit a special type of poison into their target, making all wildlife tagged extremely aggressive. If a tagged animal bites the monster, it becomes tagged. The animals are also extremely aggressive towards the hunters.

Blitz Parnell

Combat Shotgun - Increased rate of fire and capacity. Lower damage.

Rocket Launcher - Increased rate of fire and capacity. Lower damage.

Super Soldier - Has the bonus effect of making the monster bleed with shotgun headshots, which does damage over time. Other effects are slightly reduced.

Tier 4

Rogue Slim

Leech Gun - Now fires a solid beam of energy that drain away health. The beam has slight lock on, and drains more or less depending on your distance from the monster.

Spore cloud - Fires sticky grenades that can stick to objects and emit the spores, or even stick to the monster to keep it in a spore cloud. Has longer reload speed.

Healing bug - can now survive hits, but heals at an extremely low rate. Switch it between teammates with the lowest health, so they have a small extra bit of healing to survive. Heals a bit faster out of combat.

Warrior Sunny

Grenade Launcher - Grenades now have a napalm effect, and sets its target on fire. Has decreased reload speed.

Jetpack Booster - The jetpack booster now has an extra ability based on how much fuel is left. If you press the aim. Button, the booster will blast a hunter in a random direction, with its forced based on how much fuel is left. This is good for getting low health teammates out of a bad position quick. Has lower capacity and longer reload speed.

Shield Drone - Has very low arm time, in exchange for lower shield capacity and longer delay before recharging shield. This is so shield drones are attacked less but are much less effective at shielding.

Nimble Crow

Kinetic Sniper - Is now a burst fire weapon with nine shots per clip. Charged shots take longer to charge, and reload speed is slower.

Stasis Gun - instead of shooting single fire shots, it fires a stasis beam that you can hold onto the monster. Has a recharge time instead of reloading, making it a good time to use your gun.

Gobi- When flying over the monster, Gobi now fires a stasis shot out of a device on his back, that slows the monster for a short time while tagging it at the same time. Gobi has a smaller search radius.

Blitz Torvald

Auto shotgun - Becomes fully automatic, and does not need to fire an entire clip. Has lower fire rate but tighter spread.

Mortar Cannon - Mortars take longer to reach their target, but have more mortars with increased splash damage.

Shrapnel Grenades - Upon impact releases 25% more weakpoints, that are smaller and harder to hit.

Tier 5

Blitz Lennox

Plasma Lance - The plasma lance no longer stacks damage, and instead keeps a steady amount of damage with every hit.

Autocannon - Now has 4 barrels, baking it shoot much faster but decreasing damage.

Thunder Strike - leaves a large area of residual plasma damage where it lands. Initial damage is decreased.

Nimble Jack

Dual Pistols - Can be charged up for a heavy shot that does heavy damage up close and empties the ammo on both pistols. Has decreased accuracy and capacity.

Repulsor - Can push back monsters that are standing still or running the other way. Has decreased capacity and longer reload.

Survey Satellite - no longer tracks eaten food, buffs, and only tags the monster for a second, but can find footprints even if the monster is sneaking. Beams also move much faster, in exchange for them doing minimal damage.


What do you mean by being placed more often? (Forgive me if I’m asking a stupid question >_>).


Since its a low arm time you can expect them to be placed and exploded more often. I did word it kind of wierd.