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Hi everyone!
Recently, as the adaptation hype gets larger and larger, the threads made are also increasing as well. So I’ve decided to make a thread where you can post all your Hunter and Monster adaptations here.

If you see any threads about adaptations, please tag any of the following Leaders/Mods to merge into this one:


So, here is what you need to provide for your idea:
Remember that the weapon and ability has to be the same but with a twist to it.

Hunters Name: ___________

Description/Background (why this character is different compared to original): _________

First Ability/Main Weapon: __________
Second Ability/Tracking Tool/Tactical Ability: _________
Third Ability/Secondary Weapon/Healing Tool/CC/Tactical Ability: _________
Class Special (can be different!):__________

Monsters Name: __________

Description: __________

First Ability: __________
Second Ability: ____________
Third Ability: _________
Fourth Ability: ________

Traversal: _____________

Passive Ability: _____________

Start posting guys!

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Gen1 Slim please : [hunter adaptation idea] Pic include!
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Possible Lennox variation idea
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Emet Variation Idea
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Behemoth variation idea, please give opinions ;)

Since it’s about ideas (and so suggestions) why not categorize into suggestions section?



Nah, they won’t make a fanmade monster as I explained last thread in the exact some post lol. If it’s like that, why isn’t the fully fledged hunter and monster threads in suggestions?

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Thank you very much…


Suggestions is about how to improve your gameplay experience, not about suggesting hunter, monster or adaptation ideas :slightly_smiling:


Since most of the people like my “blole” wraith , could you post it here for me, pls? I’m at uni now and from mobile and sometimes is a bit buggy my phone :confused: thanks!


Normal Griffin is situational with his harppons - he can’t defend himself …

E- Griffin :

  • Defend / protect himself

  • Be more fun to play in pubs / Ranked

  • Is not situational (doesn’t have to be in the opposite direction of the monster in order for his harppons to work )

  • Having a variety types of harpoons … Maggie / WLM / Original Griffin have similar harpoons

What if E-Griffin harpoons were like this ?

Harpoons cover the monster full body . It’s like a combination of harpoons + repulser field … monster can break it at any angle but it will protect E-Griffin

The harpoons is made of steel that has a potential energy to stop the monster / do Electric residual damage … it will do 0 initial damage but the more Griffin hold the monster the more residual damage he will be able to do

Harppons has 2 stages

Stage 1 :

0 initial hit … it will do little /0 residual Damage … harder to notice from monster perspective … less effective than normal Griffin harpoons … 1 melee to break … it will not completely stop the monster (lower pull effect compared to normal harpoons ) (do half normal harpoons damage)

Stage 2 :

it will turn to Blue effect ( easy to notice ) (Electric charge damage ) ( deal 2x stage 1 damage ) ( higher health (2 melee to break it) (higher pull effect) (higher rewards )


Since that post is oooold I think it should stay there.

Any posts from February till now can be re-posted here if you want.


Ah, what the heck, I figure I’ll take a stab at it since I was just talking about this idea with some friends.

Just as a disclaimer: I’m only basing this off of my limited knowledge of Laz’s character/backstory, so if there’s any deep character-breaking going on, just chill, take some skittles and enjoy a little read :smiley:

Shadow Lazarus

Description: After so many missions spent with Lazarus, he realizes the risk he takes to bring his team back are too great, knowing if he dies, so will they. Opting for a solution to this problem, he looked to an alternative that allows him to escape danger more quickly and revivify his team more effectively.

  • Weapon: Prototype Rifle
    -The Prototype Rifle is a semi-automatic 4 burst marksman rifle that provides a more accurate shot from medium to long range, at the expense of weak spots. Despite the weapon being in a prototype phase, Laz can deal considerably more damage to the monster, should he consider engagement.

  • Equipment: Lazarus Beam
    -It’s exactly what it sounds like, Laz can initiate his Lazarus Device from a distance. It works very similar to how the original device operated, no strikes upon revival. But while it keeps Laz at a safe distance, the modification takes a toll on the device, therefore he cannot use the it again for a lengthy amount of time. The Lazarus Beam also revives his target to full health.

  • Class Ability: Shadow Heal
    -This ability acts much like the previous heal burst, but now provides a passive healing effect after the initial burst for the rest of the team, excluding Laz himself. The initial burst restores a small portion of everyone’s health, while the passive healing lasts a considerable amount of time.

  • Special Ability: Energy Cloak
    -Lazarus’ original cloak has been modified to offer a quick exit from dodgy situations and ensure his survival up close. This new Energy Cloak has a short duration but offers a slight buff to his movement speed, allowing him to be more effective when alone or escaping the monster. Energy Cloak’s cooldown remains the same as the old Laz cloak.

This idea is not entirely my own; the Laz Beam idea was spun off from some people who have mentioned it around me before, I just took the idea and added on what I thought might make it a balanced tool. I avoided using any specifics for the abilities - like cooldown numbers or meters - so as not to get into a debate about it.

Hope you enjoyed my little idea, may return for more. It is fun to make up stuff for Evolve :stuck_out_tongue:


did you just take my idea form my custom made hunter…



What is if Buckets UAV will be like the Union Dhrone in PvZ ? So it will be for combat xD


shield chassis bucket

rocket planter: it acts like a rocket luancher but if you were to hit the ground of the walls it will stick until the monster goes near it if you fire to much the rocket will explode kinda like trying to place 4 mines only has a clip of three

damage marker sentries: all the sentries will put damage markers on the monster while doing some damage not a lot though

shield uav: acts like the old one except it give shields that can’t be broken as a result the timer to which it runs out of battery is lessend you can also get it off by hitting it or bucket but the drone can go higher just to its not easy to destroy it


LordOfZiron17h 1
Tortured Wraith

Ability A: rift slash : replaces abduct : dashes the wraith until it hits a target then releases a massive slash attck then dashes back.

Ability B: warp push : replaces warp blast : teleports wraith then releases a large AOE push in all directions, does little damage but a massive push back

Ability C: Emp : replaces Supernova : Has the same AOE as supernova but instead of fast mele it disables hunter abilitys,weapons and jet packs in the radius. Goes out quicker however.

Ability D: Cloak : replaces decoy : does not launch a decoy but cloaks the wraith (disabled upon damage, attack or warp)

EDIT: Triversal- Charged teleport. Hold down space to go farther. +side - Can go much farther -side - has to charge, making quick escapes from domes hard. hold down space for variable distance. 100% held = far teleport 10% held down, = very short teleport. any less then 10% charge does nothing but waste triversal. will work very much like behimoths trivarsal

There is meh idea :smile: Please consider!


I think the lazarus adaption will have the laz device only work when a hunter is completely dead so a monsters goal is to incap multiple hunters.



Igloo - creates a thick igloo of ice around Behemoth. Shooting parts breaks them to create holes. Level up to increase dome’s health and duration.

Black Ice - breathe with such cold that a patch of damaging black ice is created. Hunters standing on it move slower and take damage.

Stalagmites - smash the ground, causing a few ice spikes to fire up out of the ground. Spikes impale hunters, who must be shot free. Hunters are rooted in place, but can still shoot, including to free themselves. Fires in a widening cone.

Ice Spear - fire out a single lance of ice which impales a target when struck and pushes them back. If the target collides with a wall, they take extra damage and are impaled (same deal as stalagmites).


Rapterror’s Monster Menagerie

Nuclear Goliath

“Born from the toxic radiation that now covers some parts of the planet, Nuclear Goliath is a force to be reckoned with. If his serrated claws or nuclear bomb-like explosions don’t end you, his radioactive clouds will!”

Design: A Goliath with a much darker skin tone and neon green armor glow. His hands leave a glowing trail as he walks, like Elder Kraken’s eye. Has four small, circular green eyes, both on the sides of his head. He has a large horn branching from the top of his “snout” into the air, curving above his head. The end of his tail is a mass of green glowing pustules that also leaves a neon green trailer. His claws are longer and are serrated, covered in glowing green spikes.

Traversal: Nuclear Goliath has the same traversal as Meteor Goliath.

Melee: Does 5% more melee damage.

Atomic Toss: Takes place of Rock Throw, Nuclear Goliath picks up a boulder glowing with nuclear radiation. Does 5% less damage than OG Rock Throw, and has a 40% longer cooldown. Leaves a cloud of radioactive gas wherever it lands.

Nuclear Launch: Takes place of Leap Smash, Nuclear Goliath leaps into the air and creates a green explosion upon landing. Does 5% less damage than OG Leap Smash, and has a 30% longer cooldown. Leaves a cloud of radioactive gas wherever Nuclear Goliath lands.

Warhead: Takes place of Charge, Nuclear Goliath runs quickly in a flurry of nuclear energy. Travels much faster (25%) and further (30%) than OG Charge, and does 5% more damage, but has a 30% longer cooldown. It doesn’t have the turning capacity OG or MG Charges do, however.

Toxic Breath: Takes place of Flame Breath, Nuclear Goliath releases a torrent of toxic gas from it’s mouth. Has 100% longer cast time than OG Flame Breath, but a 60% longer cooldown. Leaves thick toxic clouds wherever the trail ends. Has a 10% longer cooldown than OG Flame Breath.

Toxic Cloud DPS: 40 DPS, affects deployables, turrets, and generators. DOT doesn’t stack.

Volley Kraken

“Appearing from the depths of Shear’s oceans is Volley Kraken, a massive monstrosity which enjoys shooting off saltwater bombs, eating Hunter flesh, and long walks on the beach. Volley Kraken can end you from afar before you even know what hit you, and that’s saying something considering it’s a giant eel-squid-thing!”

Design: Kraken with a more eel (Grounder) like head, with two long tentacles coming down from both corners of his mouth. Has three eyes, one large one in the center of his head, and two on the sides. Instead of “wings”, he has two short, narrow tubes which produce wings made from light blue salt water produced in his body. Volley Kraken has a slightly paler body than Kraken, an Elder Kraken-like tail, and a white armor glow.

Traversal: Has a 10% higher cieling than Kraken, and can stay in the air 10% longer than Kraken can. Traversals recharge 15% slower.

Melee: VK’s ground melee whipping ability is completely gone. Instead, without visual cue, a small sphere of superheated water forms above his body and is fired with remarkable speed towards the cursor. The same thing happens while flying, but the “water balls” appear from in front of his “wings”.

Geyser Surge: Takes place of Lightning Blast, without warning, a huge yet narrow geyser of superheated water bursts up from the ground. Huge upwards knockback, but does 20% less damage than OK Lightning Strike. Also has a much smaller radius, but can be cast up to 80 meters away. Also has a 100% shorter cast time than OK Lightning Strike. Has a 25% shorter cooldown than OK Lightning Strike.

Brine Mines: Takes place of Banshee Mines, Volley Kraken summons small mines made of superheated salt water to form on the ground. Deal 10% less damage than OK Banshee Mines, but have slight upwards knockback and create small steam clouds making it harder for hunters to see. They do not travel, and stay fixated into the ground until destroyed or stepped on. They also do not make any sound when being created, nor while placed on the ground. Triggered when stepped on, and can be cast from 40 meters away. Steam clouds last for 8 seconds. Has a 5% longer cooldown than OK Banshee Mines.

Whirlpool: Takes place of Vortex, Volley Kraken forms a large swirling stream of superheated water from his in front of itself and fires it ahead at the cursor. Does 10% more damage than OK Vortex, and has much greater knockback than it. However, it has only 40% of Vortex’s original radius. Has the same cooldown as OK Vortex.

Torrent: Takes place of Aftershock, a large torrent of water forms around VK, effectively turning it into a spinning top of death. Does 20% less damage as OK Aftershock, but throws hunters away violently in random directions as they come into contact with it. It has the same radius as EK Chain Lightning, with the same height as OK Aftershock. It lasts 100% longer than Aftershock, and VK can fly (albeit, much slower) whilst using it. Has a 10% longer cooldown than OK Aftershock.

Code L-37 Wraith

“With several Wraith Traps having been built, and the secret to their warping discovered, Ebonstar had a thought; what if they could augment the spacial-warping capacity of the Wraiths, and make them fight for humanity’s sake? Thus, Operation Code L-37 was commenced. However, things didn’t quite go as hoped. Friend to neither monster nor man, Code L-37 Wraiths have better warping capability, and draw even more cosmic energy to battle with than their predecessors.”

Design: Wraith with two silver metal panels on the sides of it’s skull, with dozens of small technicolor buttons. Numerous metal plates have been grafted onto its body, giving it a bionic look. Two of it’s leg tentacles are missing, and it’s back spikes have been removed and replaced with four large fuses covered in webby dark flesh. CL Wraith’s armor glow is technicolor.

Traversal: Warping carries CLW twice the distance, and at twice the speed. Stamina recharges 30% slower.

Melee: CLW has much faster melee speed, but can not heavy melee.

Bombing Run: Takes place of Warpblast, CLW surges forward in a flurry of technicolor energy, capable of causing up to three small explosions, or one huge one. Small blasts are triggered via the player pressing the melee button, and deal 50% of OW’s Warpblast damage. They are also only 50% as big. If two mini explosions are performed, one of similar size will be used when CLW hits an object or reaches the max distance of 80 meters. If one mini explosion is performed, one of equal size and damage to OW Warpblast will be made upon finishing. If none are performed, one that is 150% the size of OW Warpblast with 50% more damage is performed. Cooldown is the same as OW Warp Blast.

Spirit Away: Takes place of Abduction, Code L-37 Wraith releases a Spatial Clone that snatches up hunters and carries them away in the direction it wants. The Spatial Clone moves at twice the speed of OW’s Abduction, but has half the range (55 meter maximum range for grabble). If it is capable of grabbing up a hunter, it will carry them far away (120 meter maximum carry distance). The clone is remotely controlled via the Wraith, and can be destroyed via destruction of it’s health bar (1,600 damage) or direct damage being dealt to the Wraith (300 damage). Does 25% less damage than OW Abduction. The cooldown for this is 10% longer than OW Abduction.

Stasis Nova: Takes place of Supernova, a large technicolor arena forms around the Wraith, with technicolor “stasis” signs forming around the hunters. The Wraith, in turn, is coated in a technicolor energy. Hunter movement speed while inside the arena is reduced by 25%, as are reload speed and rate of fire. Jetpack thrust is reduced by 10%. The Wraith moves 25% faster and strikes 10% faster. Stasis Nova has a 20% reduced radius, and lasts for 7 seconds (4 with 1 point, 11 with 3). The cooldown for this ability is 20% shorter than Supernova.

Spatial Clones: Takes place of Decoy, but I’m still thinking this one over. Typing it out, it sounds OP/annoying as fuck. So, for the time being, this one ability is TBA.

Core Behemoth

“Formerly trapped in the heat and pressure of Shear’s core, Core Behemoth crashes through the planet’s crust and into the fray of battle! Sporting a lot more lava, Core Behemoth is ready to break it down- or melt it down. Whichever comes first.”




Mortar Cannon: Takes place of Lava Bomb, Core Behemoth slams his fist into the ground, sending on upward arcing blast of molten magma at wherever he aims. Does 30% more initial contact damage, and leaves a small pool of lava wherever it lands for 4 seconds. Pool has a radius that scales up with each point (7 meters, 11 meters, 15 meters), and does 100% more DOT. Cooldown is 25% longer than OB Lava Bomb.

Molten Wall:

Sulfur Surge:

Snap Dragon:

Infested Gorgon

“Eventually, when a Gorgon undergoes the end of their life cycle, the adult stage of it’s young commences. Infesting the destroyed husk of it’s progenitor, they grow and gestate inside of it, using it’s large corpse as protection. The babies are back for vengeance, hunters. And they. Are. Pissed.”




Spider Warriors: Takes place of Spider Trap, IG projectile vomits a larger, armored Spider Trap with two scythe like arms to attack with. Has 100% more health than OG Spider Traps, and does 70 DPS (40 at 1 point, 100 at 3), but can no longer trap hunters. Spider Warriors die after 10 seconds of being created, and up to 2 can be alive at any one time. The cooldown on this ability is 5% shorter than that of OG Spider Trap, and they do not burrow themselves into the ground.

Web Weavers:

Bug Juice:

Creature Copy:



Explosive Bucket

because explosions make everything better.

1st weapon: Repeating Rocket Launcher: a repeating rocket launcher that has increased ammo and fire rate but decreased damage.

2nd weapon: Rocket turrets: fires two powerful rockets and has increased armor but has a long reloading time.

3rd ability: Suicide Bot: EB’s head is a bomb, and will detonate either at the player’s will or when it runs out of batteries, and delivers a punch. his tracker still highlights the monster, but for a shorter time.

class ability: same as before.


that would be cool


Is there a thread where we can discuss and speculate on the next set of variants?

I would like to see a “pre-tampered” thrower for Hyde: Chem Hyde/Hazardous Hyde

A movie star Griffin would be cool. More harpoons attach but less reach more pull: Glorified Griffin (not a good name)

Then a Bucket that had grenade turrets, rockets that separate mid-air, and a drone head with a minigun: Bombardier Bucket/Militarised Bucket

And last but not least, a Lazarus that steals health with his gun, can slowly raise fallen teammates with a lazer glove, and an invisibility that radiates to slowly heal your team: Reaper Laz/Soul Laz

I have more ideas and tweaks to the abilities I mentioned. Working on concepting my own tier.

Thanks for reading, and apologies if this is on the wrong thread


Also, just so you know, it’s been confirmed that the first word in the Grifin adaptations name starts with an E. :wink: