ACTUAL uk release date


Sorry if this has been asked before but can somone from TRS/2K confirm the as actual release date in the uk? Some places say the 10th which is a Tuesday and others the 13 a Friday.

When I was at MCM Expo In London they said feb 10th but I don’t know if that wS just generalised at the time


It’s the 13th, 100%. For evryone outside of NA.


What a lucky day :P, I am so certain I’m going to lose all my games that day.


They should release the game on the 10th but delay the servers to the 13th in NA, to make it fair :confused:


If life were fair, horses would ride half the time… but now that I think about it, I have never ridden a horse… therefore life is fair?


Life is not fair, but this is something they could easly make fair :slight_smile:


Hmm i live in UK and my amazon says the game is released on Feb 10th and i will receive delivery on Feb 10th.


this is exactly why Im asking : / typical UK release says it should be the 13th but everyhwere says the 10th


I did raise this issue a few times before, especially in relation to the new Evacuation trailer. All UK retailers have POS advertising the 10th, instore and online… Steam, Tesco, HMV, Amazon.

ALL advertising and every retailer is screaming the 10th in the UK, which is why I brought it up before to see if someone in the marketing department at 2K could be informed.


A dev has commented on another topic that it will be the 13th for retailers OUTSIDE of NA.

but since amazon/steam are NA companies it could be that they release the game on the 10th?


I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I’ve never known it to happen.


I just dont want to happen to me what happened before, cant remeber what game it was, had it all pre loaded on steam and everything for the release date as advertised then when tried to play BOOM you cant play this for another 48 hours or so


Yea prob will happen again hopefully this is a one time thing for evolve…


I don’t mind it releasing on the 13th, I’m just a bit disappointed so much of the marketing is screaming the 10th. There’s going to be a lot of pissed off people come February, because everything is saying 10th, then suddenly they have to wait 3 more days.


What is “NA”?
I Live in France, is the launch date 10th February here? Or 13th?

Thanks for your answers.


NA = North America, so it should be released on the 13th… Although if it’s the same as in the UK, every retailer will be saying the 10th currently, but it is actually the 13th.


Thanks lordweh.

I’ve planned a few off days for Evolve’s launch, wouldn’t want to waste them.
If a Dev / Community Manager could just officially confirm the 13th February launch date for France, would be great. Thanks :slight_smile:


It’s been confirmed, the release dates are;
North America = February 10th
Rest of the world = February 13th

It was confirmed in another thread, and on the Ask Me Anything on reddit. I’m the same, planning a couple days off at launch, don’t want to waste them! =)


Thanks again lordweh.
Changing my hollydays right now. :wink:


Does anyone know the reason for North America getting the game first? Is it a practical reason or is it just because thats where the largest market is so they favour them? I live in Australia so by the sounds of what your saying we would actually get the game on americas 12th of feb (our 13th of Feb).

And how does this work for steam? why would we not be able to download the game the same time as in USA and Canada? Or can we?