Active PS4 Evolve Players (Maintained List)


I see you online time to time throw me an invite I love playing trapper and assault.


Or just contact me.


thought you had a team?

I ain’t seen you in forever man.


My team currently plays Overwatch. But I’m always up to meet new friends.


Psn: Tacticstrickshot
Region: canada
Language: english
Self rated skill: 7
Prefered role order: trapper, medic, assault, support
Has fixed/consistant group: No


The self rated skill is completely useless. Everyone has rated themselves 7 or 8.

P.S. fix my consistent group of four from yes to no. My teammates said fuck this game.

Pls and thank you :wink:


I didn’t rate myself but still got put down as an 8 lol


This post is since ceation a wiki. Why you not just edit it by yourself or remove it?


This makes it useless, yes.

Its a wiki feel free, I am on a trip at the moment.


PSN: Seedsy
Age: 25
Region: Canada
Languages: English
Self rated skill level: 15
Preferred role order: Any
Has a fixed/consistent group: No


PSN: Geniusbar99
Age: 16
Region: North America
Languages: English
Self rated skill level: 9
Has a fixed/consistent group: No


Anyone still active and good?

I’ve just had a whole night playing with utterly useless randoms.

Buckets not using turrets, hank not cloaking and wait for it a laz who didn’t use the glove.

Holy shit.

We nearly one a game with me as Val but alas the support player was utterly useless.

It’s unfortunate I need to spend most of my time vs a.i. to have fun, don’t get me wrong I do sometimes get great games but it’s about 70-30 in favour of terrible team mates.


I’m waiting for an update


Always looking for good players and nice persons to play with.

I am a Silver Master, playing about 3-4 times per week around after-work-hours European time, if possible ranked but often quickplay as there is no full group of 4. Send me a friend request and let´s play some time soon!


I’ll add you. Same as your forum name? I don’t have a skill as I never touched ranked as it always took an age to get a placement game. Think I’m 4 win 1 loss on my five placement matches.


Same as my forum name. If you can´t find me, write me a personal message here on the forums. And give me a short notification on PSN that you are the one from the forum :wink:


PSN: VarusDraske
Age: 21
Region: North America (West Coast)
Languages: English
Self rated skill level: 5? 6? Just getting started but fast learner
Has a fixed/consistent group: No


PSN-Name: golgothas_Terror
Age: 21
Region (continent): NA
Known language/s: English, some Spanish
Not your rank in the game but rate yourself on a scale from worst: 1 - best: 10 (average performance): idk like a 5?? I’m kinda new but I’m picking up pretty fast
Your preferred role order (best: medic, support, trapper, assaul : worst) - Not I play everything, its Evolve you should have a main role or at least some preferences.: Medic, Support, Trapper, Assault, Monster
Are you already in a fixed/consistent group?: Nope


PSN-Name: T-Scribbz
Age: 18
Region (continent): NA
Known language/s: English
Rank: Like a solid 8
Your preferred role order: Assault, Medic, Trapper, Support
Are you already in a fixed/consistent group?: Yes, we only need a 4th player