Active PS4 Evolve Players (Maintained List)


PSN: xshreder
note the 1 d
Age: 21
Region: EST
Languages: English
Self rated skill level: 8 (Bronze destroyer atm, but should be Silver+)
Preferred role order: Assault, Support, Medic, Trapper (solid with A/S, but can still play M/T)
Has a fixed/consistent group: No


Didnt found a “Randomkimg91” but a “Randomking91”. So I think this was a TYPO, I corrected it…


Age: 14
Region: Europe
Languages: Dutch, English
Self rated skill level: 7
Preferred role order: Support - Assault - Medic - Trapper
Has a fixed/consistent group: No


PSN: graspingatstraws
Age: 27
Region: North America (USA)
Languages: English
Self rated skill level: 6
Preferred role order: Medic/Support/Monster, Trapper, Assault
Has a fixed/consistent group of four: No


PSN: Shiny-SylveonXx
Age: 24
Region: Europe, Germany
Languages: German, English
Self rated skill level: 7
Preferred role order: Trapper - Support - Assault - Medic
Has a fixed/consistent group of four: No


Why don’t you put Monster in the preferred roles?


Cause you need no group to play monster. As Monster you can play alone…


I say I’m good and reliable to play with and I’m not afraid to take advice or be corrected. If you say “poptarts(my psn) where are those domes man you haven’t landed one yet” I will say “sorry man I’m a little flakey right now I will try harder”. Know what I mean I absolutely hate it when people get offended when I try to correct them.


PSN: T-Dizzle838
Age: 16
Region: Europe
Languages: German, English (Nearly fluently)
Self rated skill level: 5 - 6
Preferred role order: Assault, Monster, Trapper, Support, Medic
Has a fixed/consistent group: No


PSN: x_TheJaker_x
age: 26
region: north America
language: english
self rated skill lvl: 8
preferred role order: assault, medic, support, trapper
no consistent group


PSN: Lavadragon2k
**Region:**North America (USA)
Languages: English
Self Rated Skill level: 7
Preferred roles: (Support, Trapper, Medic, Monster, and then assault)
Has a fixed/consistent group of four: No


PSN: Phillyblunz
Age: 35
Region: Western Canada
Languages: English and Pig Latin
Self rated skill level: Depends on character, maybe 7.5 average?
Preferred Character order: Gorgon, EMET, Behemoth, EK, Hank, Griffin, Hyde, the rest about the same.
Has fixed group: No

Sorry I dont prefer any one role, except maybe monster, so hopefully character selection is acceptable.


PSN: Jayrob2k7
Age : 29
Region: Southern Canada (EST standard time)
Skill: honestly I don’t like number values as this is a big team game, so I’ll say my communication is 9/10, but for reference when I play with my team I’m usually in Silver Elite. I main assault, but also been focusing a lot of trapper lately.
Fav character: Hyde and Maggie but I’m good with all assaults and everyone but crow and jack.
I have a group, but looking to do Wednesday night community games for PS4 Evolve. I’ll be streaming it even if you just wanna check it out.


PNC: BloodHunter87-CH
Age: 29
Region: Europe
Lenguages: German and a bit english
Self rated skill level: 7
Preferred role order: Suport,Assault,Medic,Trapper
Has a fix/consistent group of: No


Hey, just a quick change this week, community stream will be Friday of this week!! Back on Wednesday next week!!


I wouldn’t count out monster as a role because some people might be looking to do some competitive customs. Just a suggestion though, I’d rather not clump up this thread.


PSN: Reckless_Beauty_
Age: 26
Region (continent): North America
Known language/s :English
Rank: About 7.5
Your preferred role order: MEDIC, SUPPORT, TRAPPER, ASSAULT
Are you already in a fixed/consistent group? No


Can I say that I’m now in a consistent group of three players? Still looking for that magic 4th.


Would you happen to be looking for a medic??


Assault/trapper preferred. I play medic primarily but I don’t mind sharing.