Active PS4 Evolve Players (Maintained List)


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Well I’m usually always with FCL but we never have a consistent group we just try to get whoever is online in for hunt games. I also will join any group if they invite me


That’s his girlfriend and him. Not him twice. XX and XY.


ooh ok then :stuck_out_tongue: why do they have a similer psn :confounded:


Monsters, watch out for the Tatzies! It´s a rare species and they always hunt pairwise…


PSN: s-hunty_1967
Age: 17
Region: Mid United States
Languages: English and some Spanish
Rank: 10
Preferred Roles: Trapper (Crow), Assault (Parnell), Medic, Support.
Pre-made team: No


you do know this post is a wiki you can edit it and add yourself in :stuck_out_tongue:


I know that, still a good idea to post it here though.


Because @TatzyXY and @TatzyXX is the same name, one has the male chromosomes (XY) and one has the female chromosomes (XX)
Kinda clever when you think of it.




PSN: Randomkimg91
Age: 25
Region: North America (USA)
Languages: English,
Self rated skill level: 8
Preferred Class: Medic/Support > Trapper > Assault
Has a fixed/consistent group of four: No

I am all around good with every character though I dont play much assault. My val is pretty capable and my bucket is top notch. Available most days after work and weekends.


I’m noticing a lot of level 8s.


To many people are confident in their skills :stuck_out_tongue:


No, people just think they’re above average.


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I feel rather trustworthy in my self-rating. I’m my most brutal critic when it comes to performance reasons.


I chose not to rate myself numerically. I still got an 8 according to Tatzy lol


PSN: h2kdroid_
Age: 17
Region: EUW
Languages: dutch&english
Self rated skill level: 10
Preferred role order: TRAPPER(wasteland maggie)-MEDIC(slim)-ASSAULT(torvald)-SUP(hank)
Has a fixed/consistent group of four: No


on the list it says that my self rated skill level is q0 but it is 10


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