Active PS4 Evolve Players (Maintained List)


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PSN: WhiteWolfMoon
Age: 24
Region: North America
Language: English
Self-Rating: 7-8. Silver-Skilled in Hunters, with the capacity to get higher given a good team together.
Preferred Role: Support > Assault > Trapper > Medic

I’m not very active right now due to extenuating circumstances at my current residence (full-time employee, overtime college student, really bad electrical situation, unstable internet connect), but that’s intended to change following both my completion of my associate’s degree in a month, and following my move across the country. I do have a few friends I play with consistently when I’m able to get on, but I don’t necessarily have a specific “team” per se.


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PSN: Call_My_Mummy
Age: 27
Region: Europe
Language: German & English
Self-Rating: 6-7
Preferred Role: Trapper, Support
Group: Mostly in a group


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The only REAL overpowered character in this game…


Yay I found someone younger than me on the forums! Thought I was the youngest here.


Continent- USA-OH
I speak both English and Spanish
I would rate myself around 6 or 7 still working around the characters I use even though I have this game since February of this year
I perfer (medic,support,trapper,assault) in that order
Not in a group


PSN: Krirub
Age: 20
Region: Italy
Languages: Italian, english (can’t use mic, but i can listen to what other people say)
Self rated skill level: 8
Preferred role order: Medic, trapper, assault, support.
Has a fixed/consistent group: No.


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USA is not a continent :stuck_out_tongue:


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No point in this, i had you on my friends list and you/GF never invited me after the initial games so…


Cause that the list that we get more Evolve players on our friendlist and have more options to play with them. Maybe you will find here some nice persons. Sorry that we didnt invite you that often but I had a fixed team in that time…


Whoops was not paying attention anyway North America.


PSN: Artificial_Pro_
Age: 16
Region/Language: USA English, Japanese
Self Rated Skill Level: 8
Preferred Role Order: Support, Medic, Assault, Trapper
Has a fixed/consistent group of 4: No


PSN: Rikijames
Age: 24
Region: CA
Language: Eng
Rate: 7/8
Role: Assault, Medic, Support, Trapper. (I can play any role well enough)
Group: Yes/no
I play every night so if you ever need one hit me up. I have a group but they aren’t on as much as me so I’m open to other groups.


Added you to the list.

You are on the list as well now…


Don’t you already have a group? I always see you with a full group when you dodge me in hunt :wink:


Not sure if this was dedicated to me. But no I dont have a fixed group yet at the moment, I just play sometimes with them and sometimes with other mates but its not consistent. Low playerbase and so on…

I am ready to face you again if I have a fixed group but for now you have to deal with other teams. It would be too easy for you at the moment. You are Silver Elite or something my new mates are Silver Skilled…So I think you will understand…


Psn: Chronomercenary
Age: 32
Region: U.S.A.
Language: English
Self rating: 7
Preferences role order: Medic, support, assault, trapper, monster.
No set group.

I work overnight so I mainly play early mornings to mid day.