Active forum


I feel like the forum has been a bit quitter lately. Not as many people saying as much, etc. I mean i know there isn’t much going on but how active is the forum right now?


People who come in daily are still here.


I have nothing positive to add to the current trending threads so I just read.


Well, the game has lost a lot of followers. Rather small community now. And a lot of people have become less active. Like me. Won’t be active here much at all from now because of certain complications.

It has been rather quiet. :slight_smile:


Same for my case :smile:


How small in the community getting? That scares me


Well, I’m still around. ^.^


Well, we have less than two thousand members here- that’s not counting basics, of which we have near ten times that amount. Many of those members are no longer active. I don’t think we have very many left.


I need honest opinion, what do you guys think is going to happen to the games actual playing community? It’s getting a bit harder to find games and I have a bet with my friend that this game will last as long as L4D, he thinks otherwise


Thats the problem when you balance for month and disregard the true issues, not even adress them. Making some grindy events isn´t helping the player numbers either…
Maybe people will listen to me when i am the last person here. Then it is obviously to late, but i can say “told you so” :wink:


I think we’ll always have a few hundred- the dedicated, hardcore fans. People who love the game. They’ll be around for a long time.


I’m generally hitting the off-topic section like crazy. I’m practically on here everyday ;W;


Damn that’s too bad… I really thought people would get over their problems and just enjoy the game how i do but unfortunately that might not be true…


Hmm. I thought so too.


It is cool when it does not take much to satisfy you, my fun however is dampened by annoying things that do not get adressed… so getting over my problems will most likely be playing another game. Which is sad because i really like evolve WHEN i can actually play in peace.


You also have to keep on mind the Steam and 2K forums for this game. There are people which refuse to join the TRS forums.


What don’t they address?


ranked, matchmaking. that stuff. second… i was in the wrong thread.


Eh, I’ll be around a long while yet. The game is fun to me, and I see no reason why numbers on the forums or in game should or would affect that :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, it’ll be nice to get some fresh blood in once the first sale hits as many of the “Was too pricey back then” crowd gives it a try.

Don’t expect many to STAY, since this is a rather niche title, but even so :wink: