Achievement Ideas


Every game has achievements these days, so I thought it might be fun to come up with some suggestions of our own. Here’s a few to get you started!

Natural Selection
Defeat and devour every form of wildlife in the game.

Death Omen
Kill 20 Hunters with Banshee Mines.

Release the Kraken!
While playing as the Kraken, defeat the Hunter team on The Dam without evolving past Stage One.

King of the Monsters
Kill 50 Hunters with Fire Breath.

Thou art but a Youth
While playing as the Goliath, defeat the Hunter team on The Fusion Plant without evolving past Stage One.

Clever Girl
Kill Griffin with a Sneak Attack.

If It Bleeds
Be part of a Hunter team that successfully kills a monster after wounding it in an earlier engagement.

Defeat a Stage Three Goliath that has full health and armor.

Even Death May Die
Defeat a Stage Three Kraken with full health and armor.

Hunter Team Classic
Field a Hunter team consisting of Griffin, Hank, Markov, and Val.

It’s the Only Way to be Sure
While playing as Hank, kill a Kraken with the Orbital Strike ability.


Now multiply this list by 200, I want the TF2 epic level of achievements!



Why even try?
Win the game without dealing a single amount of damage to the hunter team.

Not even close baby
win a game with less then 1% hp remaining. and the god dunkey will bless you with this acheivement.

godsmack/ no punching needed.
Win a game using melee only…/vice versa for the other. no melee.

1v1 much?
win a game with 1 active player as the hunter vs an active monster player. bots will play other hunters.

Nature loves you
as a team. do not kill a single wildlife. could also seperate into two acheivements. one for just you and one for team.

only need one.
win a match without switching weapons.

lone wolf
Win a ranked match / hardcore match without a mic.

Hunt is on.
Play a match with no hud.

k im done for now lol


Already a thread on this. The Achievement/Trophy Discussion & Speculation Thread!


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