Account xp is broken


This is 3 hours worth of account xp accumulation and taking screenshots after each round.:confounded:
Started at 7pm and now it’s 10pm Aus time.
Come on TRS, this is beyond the joke.

The grind is real…:grimacing:


You’re always to the top of the Profile progression. I’d expect it to require a lot of xp.


But this is painfully bloody slow and you’d think character progression would be slower than account. There’s no real benefit to reaching account cap…



You may be right, I don’t know for sure. I just feel like the last few levels would be a slow move upward.


The grind is REAL! Get on with it


^ Could be because of this. You might’ve played a little too enthousiastically since stage 2’s release and now you’re experiencing a steeper levelling curve. If that’s the reason, it’ll resolve itself once you’ve earned the amount of experience that is now needed to reach level 25, which is higher than what you currently have.


welp it’s taken close to 12 hours just to break into level 26 while others who were lower level than I are now level 30.