Account issue (unable to play)

Whenever I try to log into Evolve through Steam I get the following message:

‘There currently is an issue with your Evolve account. Please contact customer service at’

Without any details whatsoever. This happened after the 2.06 update. I was waiting for the patch, but the game never updated as it usually does (automatically installing the newest updates before the game launches). An hour after the patch was announced and officially launched I kept receiving this error instead. I restarted my PC, reinstalled the game, deleted some local files as suggested on other posts on this forum, but alas, nothing worked. No response from 2k either, but I doubt they will be of any help, since people with the same issue haven’t received any working solutions from 2k as far as I have seen.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

There are alot of People have this Issue, take a look here: Unable to connect : Issue with account

write a PM to MrStrategio with your SteamID

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m fairly new to the forums, so forgive me for that, but I don’t see any PM option when I go to his profile. How do I contact him?

I bumped up your member status. You should have the ability to send pm’s now. :thumbsup:

Can you make me member so I can pm him,I have same issue,thnx.

You’re good to go!

Thnx I sent pm to mrstrategio.


My forum-membership has been updated and I have been able to send MrStrategio a private message about the issue. Thanks for the help, I hope the problem gets solved soon.

@thatmount yes, he said he’s contacting 2k and hopefully they can solve it.

Wtf is going on at 2k?

Could you give me the ability to send PMs too?


Thank you!

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my account has same problem

You can now pm MrStrategio.

I e-mail my ticket to 2k on Tuesday, still haven’t heard back from them. Sent a follow-up e-mail this morning, no word. I know it’s not TRS’ fault, but 2K needs to get this sorted out; this is getting a little ridiculous. They are banning people saying, “You violated the EULA so you are banned and it can’t be reversed, have a good day.” No explanation, no detail of the portion of the EULA violated, nothing. Good luck.

Im really dissapointed from 2k/trs.