Account data transfer?


I am ps4 Asian player, I want to return to this game, but there is no one on Asia server to play with. Developers, by any chance I can transfer my elite karken to usa server or even would you consider jointing the server together into one megaserver?


Consoles don’t get to choose what servers they connect to like the PC can, so if you get matched with someone it’s whoever the game wants to put you against. Meaning, your progress will stay the same.


I am very well aware of this, and this is why I created this post. It is what elder scroll online did, and it suit the current situation very well.


Why don’t you move to PC instead? There are still quite a bit of asian players on PC, although old players are mostly playing custom games rather than using matchmaking, but there are groups you can join to find games. And in worst case PC allows you to switch region manually.

Basic version of Evolve is quite cheap on PC at the moment, ranging from 15 to 30 bucks if you’re buying through certain websites.


Well, the way console is set up is with region. The only thing it can connect to is the closest server. If you moved, data would move with you when you signed in. It’s simply letting you play with local players to decrease lag in-game and reduce the amount of internet screw-ups. It’s not something that can be changed.

Maybe if you changed the location or region settings in your options, you might be able to fool your system into connecting to a different place and play from there, but it also might not work.


Your last post you said you were leaving if nothing changed and you’re still here…kappa.

My suggestion, just deal with the fact that your region doesn’t have a lot of players…when you do get matched up–make friends with the people and get your own player base going so that when you want to play, you can just join them.


The game is dead in Asia on PC, even the winter sales and free weekend couldn’t safe it. Most of the few players that still play from the region either only play either customs or switch their region to US (like me lol) and be forced to play with their horrid latency or not play at all.


There are still more than a hundred of active players, but yeah as I said mostly they’re playing customs and coordinating games through special groups. Ranked hunt also have some active players but they’re mostly new, so they’re in bronze and low silver.


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