Accolades User Interface issues


I’m finding that player accolades are much too cumbersome to navigate.

I have a 2560x1440 resolution and I still can only see 9 boxes, and not only need to switch between horizontal tabs but scroll vertically as well (which I didn’t even realize you could do at first). This is a bit frustrating, especially when you have a little OCD about those little flashing NEW icons nagging at you and have to hunt them down every once in a while. I think the actual new accolades could stand being a bit more visible as well. Perhaps a bit of a glowing red border in addition to the ‘New!’ text?

To be honest, the only reason I visit the accolades page right now is to make the button stop burning. If it was laid out different visually I’d probably be a bit more interested in actually going through the challenges!


I feel your pain so much.


I suppose while I’m requesting features, a button to simply clear all ‘new’ notifications in one go would be amazing.