Accolades cover important HUD information


Accolades cover important HUD information way to often and for way to long. When ever i am medic i am always using the bottom left info to check the health of my team to see who needs more healing, but the accolades are always in the way. Can you guys please move the accolade pop up to the top left? Thanks guys!
@MacMan @SlabOMeat


I’d agree with a top left position too


Did not know I could see my teammates health bars until now. And until now I had thought the accolades pop-up was suitable.


Really, why do you even need to see the accolades at all during the match. The only one I found at all helpful is when I got the Thunderdome accolade because it ment I hadn’t missed my dome as trapper :stuck_out_tongue:


I wish a dev would comment if it is even possible to change at this point.


On the topic of domes. When I missed the monster the game told me it was missed. I see plenty of people drop the arena thinking they missed while I hid in the dome.

Is this because I’m on xbox one, or is it because I have some kind of tool tip on? Seems like easy mode for trapper domes.


About the HUD something that itches me.I play a lot with minimap.There was times that i played with the minimap open for over 4 minutes.The bad thing is when the minimap is open all the other things dissapear.If someone spams Q to point where to go or if the Monster gets Darted i need to either close minimap to see where to go or close-open the minimap to get a refresh and see through minimap where to go.Isnt there a way when minimap is open to still be able to see what’s going on around me?Where did that person used his Q?

(sorry for posting this here @YouGotBrained but since we’re talking about huds…)


I hope there is a option to turn them off if they dont move them.


This. +1. @MacMan ?


Yup. Agreed, but we had to turn off all the extra HUD elements to have the perf to draw all the minimap elements. You wouldn’t believe how expensive UI is. :stuck_out_tongue: I think we did get health bars turned back on, but that’s it.

Waypoints while minimap is up

What about the accolades popping up and blacking the health info on the bottom left?


Maybe you can put em on the minimap without it needing a refresh?Like when Abe or Bucket tracks the monster we won’t need to re-open?


Yeah, it’s a known issue. We couldn’t put them at the top left because that’s where the game mode UI goes (number of eggs, survivors, generators)


How about they just made them compact? We still see them on the end-game screen so it’s not that big a deal. Or maybe give the option to turn them off during the match altogether. I for one would just turn them off and if I needed to track some of them I’d just turn them back on until I was done with my desired progress.


Technically all the same information is still available but it shows on your minimap instead of in the world. I’d also like an option to show it on both. As a trapper, I often have my minimap open for cutting off purposes but I toggle it off to see player pings in the world.


That’s why i said this.You can see tracks and stuff on the minimap if you open it after they happen.If for example Abe tracks the Monster you can open the minimap and see it.If Abe tracks the Monster while you have the minimap open you need to close it and open it again to see it.I think the same thing amplies on pings aswell


Ah, I never noticed that. Maybe because I’m opening and closing the minimap so often.

That sounds like it’s a bug


There were some HUD elements that were removed that I actually didn’t understand why they were removed… for example the HUD bobbing during hunter movements like jetpack climbing or jumping… or even HUD opacity… I know for most it’s truly nothing but I enjoy little things like that. Some of those neon colored emblems on the screen get in the way of my hunt if they were opaque or an option to make it so, it would make it easier for me to see around it all


That’s not a bug,I think they made it so you wouldn’t have HUD clutter when you open the map(it takes a big portion of the screen,so with all the other information you’d just be swimming in icons) but I would like to have to option to set it so the information is on the HUD and the map simultaneously.