Accolade progress


This really should bea feat


Uh…? What?


To check your accolade progress?


What is this thread? ._.


I think @XS1N7 is asking for us to show progress towards hidden accolades somewhere in the UI.

Is that right? :slight_smile:


How could those two not understand it is beyond me. Heck I didn’t even need to read OP, it was clear to me from title.

Like, accolades progress currently isn’t visible, so when someone writes topic about it, it doesn’t mean he wants communistic revolution in France. Duh!


yea what they said @terepin and @snowkissed


Good news!

We’re working on it. You can track its progress here:


:D. Me and a couple of other friends have been wanting this feature since we got accolade keys… Thanks so much!