Accessibility feature for micless players

Ooh, also:

While yes, spamming would be an issue I think having a character restriction is ok? Messages don’t need to be huge, just short and to the point is perfect. Could put a timer on them- once every five seconds, etc. And believe me if I wanted to spam and annoy someone I could do it without this, there are things about your game’s text chat that can be used in…Interesting ways.


It would only work well for PC though due to the amount of extra keys/buttons a keyboard has.
You’d also have to remember what each button has been set to for the right text you wish you happen and that could be difficult if you set a lot for a specific character but that character isn’t in your match (if that makes sense?)

I’d write more but I gotta go for a driving lesson now so farewell :smile:

P.S: I’m not against this at all, just pointing out a problem I thought of right away :stuck_out_tongue:

True; but I feel like the D-Pad can enable a lot of different ones. And even if not, the minimum four would still be a massive help.

Things like this become second nature really fast, muscle memory, etc. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, but this can be dodged by making the prompts more general such as:

Applies to both defence Supports. Etc.

Thanks, appreciate it. :smiley:

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Finally someone who gets it :DD


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That is a really great idea!
I would really like to have buttons for “Heal”, “Boost”, “Come to me”, “Cloak me”, “I am cloaked” etc…

It would be really great if you could configure bindings per character class. So that you can define like 5 bindings for each class (medic, support, trapper, assault) because all of them need very different messages. And you neither want to switch bindings every time you switch class nor bind all messages for all classes.

Your second suggestion is already logged I think:

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Chivalry has a nice mechanic that’s sort of related. It’s a small pop up window you can access in-game from which you can make your character say basic commands like “Follow me” and “Hold ground”.

Idunno. It would need some tweaking of course since allowing the Support to shout “Come hither!” every second might not be enjoyable for everyone.

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This is an excellent idea.

Not sure whether it’s a bug or not, but I’m not just talking about that particular bit. There are plenty of other screens where you can’t type and I’d like that to change.

Yeah, true. I would like to type on every screen, too, and I would like for the messages to not being deleted every time the screen changes. So, the message log should survive a screen change. ^^

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Yeah, I hate mine getting messed up as well.

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It can work similar to how MGS does it. Hold the button and a radial dial opens from which you can quick select from 8 presets.

Also, the D-pad is unused on consoles, so it can work well. I just think in the heat of battles or chases, it’s likely to go unseen without voice prompts.

It’s only used to control bot Hunters.

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Us console people need this more than PC people, trust me.

How you would do it, is beyond me, and don’t say it will only be for PC, because then my Torvald will sob.


Surely Torvald has no tears?

But he will never again feel the touch of a man.

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Hmmm… I wonder who oils his bits. Sunny, right? Gotta be Sunny.

But seriously… Crying oil? Ouch.

It would be interesting if the hunters actually said it. However I do like the idea. I feel though that randoms will spam some messages for kicks :confused: look at world of tanks for Xbox one. It’s practically all they do in lower tiers.

It can’t be Sunny, he can never again feel the touch of a woman.

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I don’t usually click on suggestions but I have no mic so I clicked here and I have to say this would be a great Idea. Change up the auto-swap (or get rid of it so I can play with Jack and Torvald and other things like that) and put the call outs 1-9.