Acapella Music Recommendation Request :)

I just heard this on the Tonight Shows youtube channel:

Never heard this group before, nor really listened to music like this, but I was amazed. I didn’t know acapella was like this. Anyone have any recommendations for specific songs, or groups like this? Going to be on youtube for awhile. Feels like I’ve been missing out on something good O_O

OMG! PENTATONIX IS LITERALLY MY LIFE! I own all 3 of their albums. This is their new original song, which is obviously amazing. I really suggest checking out the movie Pitch Perfect if you’re interested in A Capella.
Search “Pitch Perfect Bella’s Finale” for and really great performance.
Search “car show pitch perfect 2” on YouTube for more “electronic” sounding a Capella and prepare to be amazed.

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That was crazy, but I couldn’t help laughing at what it was about XD I’ll have to see if the movies are on netflix.

Pentatonix is very talented though. Found some new work and study music :relaxed:

Ahah yeah. They are comedy movies. I’m pretty sure the first one is on Netflix. I’ve certainly developed an appreciation for a Capella over the past few months


LoL seems there was a party going on and I was late to it

Just go watch “Pitch Perfect 2”.

Rockapella and Eclipse are two really good a cappella groups, also if you’re interested in a little more variety look up The Sing Off, it’s a show similar to American Idol except it’s all a cappella groups (it’s also where Pentatonix started)

Just stick with Pentatonix. No other Acapella even touches their calibre.