Abusive Spots on map for Hunters

So I was playing a round as monster, and then I encountered a group of hunters abusing a spot on the Dam area were they were in a area that I couldnt reach with half of my abilities. Heres a screenshot.

You’ll see Hank in that area, and Laz/Abe was in there too. This got annoying because I was only able to damage them when they were along the edge of the fence, but they could shoot through it. Luckily I was able to use Abduction on them to pull them out and win the game.

Post your map-abusing pics here, so the developers can use them to find out which areas they are abusing!

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It’s indeed a known bug.
I hope it’ll get fixed soon.

Oh look, you were using Wraith.

I don’t blame them, i bet you ran circles round the map for 10 minutes and bored them to death.


wraith and kraken can get in the cage there too, I had a whole team do that from the start, just let me feed to my heart’s content, I came back and boy were they shocked when I climbed in there and blocked the only exit.

Not my fault. I joined the game with the Wraith pre-selected as the monster. Besides…

  1. I fought them in 2 domes
  2. They went to the relay after evolution to stage 3
  3. As you can see from the timer, they were on me for nearly the entire round
  4. Whats the point of not playing the Wraith if its in the game?
    Just because you don’t like fighting the Wraith, that’s no excuse to cheat in it.
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Weird. I tried to warp blast into it and climb into it but I kept hitting the invisible ceiling.

the one corner on the left of the screenshot has a visible hole in the mesh that is an actual hole that can be climbed through, only that corner, and the only way for a hunter to reach it is standing on the top of that small tower thing below, as it is too high to reach from the ground. The Kraken is hard to maneuver into it because he is rather larger than the hole, but the wraith can get in there quite easily if you know where.

Wraithy things

I didn’t even unlock the wraith and who cares what you elited or not? I mean really? who cares? Think my post was a real question?

seems like someone asked her out and got refused, now hes all salty about it boo-hoo

It gets really annoying when you’re goliath on Distillery and the hunters run around the bottom of the ship right next to the generator, because they are soooooo difficult to get!

Why are you complaining about Wraith on this thread? It doesn’t even relate to this. This thread is about abusive spots on any map, not what monster YOU think OTHERS should play.


They’re everywhere man… They think flaming everything will help them get better at the game… It never does.
Anyways hope they fix this exploit.

Just had my first experience on distillery. Theres building next to relay goliath cant get to at syage 3 unless have flame breath cant damage them

That’s what the monster is supposed to do if you think it’s boring don’t play


Lots of wraith players here. Guess i hit a nerve.

Keep those flags coming, such badasses.

They patched this on Xbox one I’m suprised they didn’t yet on the PC. It is very dirty and well known though, hopefully it will be patched soon.

It’s funny because as wraith you warp at the corner of the fence at the left towards the rest of the map, you can get in there, and the hunters are screwed, as you block their only exit, you can also get in there as kraken just flying in that corner, currently testing trying to leap smash in.

Nice flamebait, its ok ill bite.

Funny thing is no matter how many times i comment, you will still be salty about upcoming wraith nerfing. Lol.

Oh no a week ban, from the evolve video game forums? The horror! How would i cope?

Yeah, I saw MisguidedWorm7’s video on how to get in there, thanks! I personally won’t use it in a multiplayer game unless the hunters use it against me.

In which case it is the purest justice,

cage matches tend to favor two story killing machines