Abusive Lobby


User created a lobby that forced whoever joined to be stuck as monster, same map played over and over, same person was stuck as monster over and over. Can we get these people banned?


why didnt you leave the lobby?


leaving the lobby would only result in rejoining that lobby. restarting the game would again, only result in rejoining the lobby.


You want to ban people that are playing with their friends? How does this even make sense?


No, I want people punished who are deliberately abusing the matchmaking system. Abusing a glitch is no different than hacking.


Umm…Yes. Yes it is. I get that you’re mad, but it’s FAR more likely to be a glitch that they had nothing to with than a deliberate exploit. I really, really doubt it’s a hack.


also, if you’re not a part of turtle rock, you really have no reason to troll feedback threads. now if you would kindly stop posting your invalid and premature opinions in the thread, that would be great.


See? I can copy-paste my previous posts too. Again, I understand your anger- it’s justified! But a ban isn’t in order unless you can prove they were hacking. Unless you can prove they were hacking, they must be considered as not hacking for the time being. Like I said, it is far more likely that they were caught up in a bug just as you were. Rejoining a game you just quit happens, for some reason- I get that too.

No need to go off on me- sorry if you took offense, but nothing I said was opinionated, and I am not a troll. My comment was indeed valid.

No need for this to get out of hand.


If someone creates a lobby with the intention of forcing any user who joins into being monster perpetually, they are indeed abusing the matchmaking system, especially if that’s the ONLY way they use the matchmaking system. They are taking a glitch in the matchmaking system, reproducing it over and over, which is no different than hacking.

Let’s say for example, someone finds a glitch that allows them to infinite heal themselves…wouldn’t that in principle be no different than hacking? Therefore, if someone abuses a glitch with a specific intent/outcome, they are indeed worthy of being banned.

Of course, this issue would be more easily fixed from the developers end, which is why this is in the feedback forum instead. That however, does not mean those who abuse it deserve a free pass from punishment.


They were probably just a four-player group, man. And the game forces the unpaired player into the Monster role because of it- that is not abusing the system, they’re just playing the game. HOWEVER: I agree 100% that the Matchmaking system should be changed- four-man parties should only get opponents with Monster as their first preference, but MM is being worked on at the moment. Yes it sucks that the crappy sytem forced you into being an unenjoyable role over and over again, but that isn’t an exploit, or hacking, and it isn’t ban-worthy.

Yes- it would still be an incredibly scumbag-ish thing to do, but it is not hacking. And this isn’t an exploit.
You’re just encountering a four-man team over and over, and the game prioritizes them being together over your role pref. Yes, this should change, but no, this is not wrong, or ban-worthy. Yes, the devs should fix this soon, and I hope they do.


I’m just going to throw this in the wind but if you party up with another person who also happens to want to be a hunter you will never get monster role… JUST SAYING.

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are you sure that was just not custom and yoru saying you were only ableto join 1 lobby out of millions


You quoted yourself, and then you said to stop posting your own invalid and premature opinions in the thread? I think you may need to rephrase this, and direct it at someone else. You just targeted yourself there, I find it hilarious to see personally.


What the hell dude? You quoted yourself and bashing your own comment ?




Lol. Thanks for the lols, but really… LOL.



I said the same, it was humorous.

@SledgePainter Well, it was fun while it lasted. This was quite the humorous thread, with people insulting themself and all. Too bad it had to end.


We aren’t allowed to premade with 4 people anymore because it’s abusing the matchmaking system? 4 player premade teams should be punished as hackers?

What have you been smoking? Because you’re clearly high if you believe that being forced to play a monster is anything else than being in a lobby with a 4 people in a party.


Um, this has been 100% far from the case for me. In fact I can’t recall this ever happening. Seriously, I wonder whats different?

I’m on PS4.


This isn’t true 100% of the time either, it’s split my parties numerous times before.


this is the problem i had with matchmaking
i keep on rejoining the same lobby that i’ve leave