Absolutely Worthless


I’ve barely played this game for a day and I’m already so angry at it that I want to snap the disk in half. This game is absolutely worthless. I never want to be the monster yet I keep getting put into that role. Fix that because no one should be the monster 7 times in a row with that being their last position.

Any time I’m the monster I get hunted down in 5 seconds and killed before I can do anything besides kill one wildlife. Oh and I do run away from the drop zone, and get away, don’t set anything off and yet they still find me.

Any time I’m a hunter my team is so full of idiots that I’m the only one who thinks to try and cut off the monster, everyone else just chases it. This game is just nothing but a piece of junk.



Get bloody good, jesus.


Have you heard of a thing called sneak?


So you hate the game because people are better than you and because of other various trouble with people.

Yeah, TRS is a a bunch of thieves because you have poor people skills.


Watching is gud me met a val who didn’t know the controls yet


It’s totally within your right to be angry or disappointed but I would urge you to stay away from hyperbole and outbursts.

The developers are very active and I’m sure they’d be interested in what problems you are encountering so that they can figure out how to fix it.

As for others not knowing how to play, help them out or communicate. If they still don’t help, well that’s not something the devs can control.


Not really complaining but if you want me to I can go to that complaining thread :wink:


Sorry if it seemed that way but my comment was directed towards the OP of this thread, not you, lol.


Evolve is a game about learning. Everyone will find a class that suits them, but no matter what you end up playing you’ll have to learn by doing. And by failing. No doubt even the high level players learn a little something every match.

I’ve been playing since pre-Big Alpha and I personally HATED the monster. Had exactly your problem: run away, get caught, die, repeat. And this continued right up until halfway through the Beta, when something simply clicked. I got it. And I started winning a few matches. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still a terrible monster player, but I get better each time, and now I understand what’s going on I don’t hate every minute of it.

Dealing with random players is a different issue, and unfortunately something everyone will have to put up with at some point. But it’ll become less of an issue as the game is out for longer and people – again – learn more. In my experience while a full team of communicating hunters is IDEAL, you can really turn the tide of an entire match with just two of the four hunters playing their strengths and paying attention. Don’t lose hope. :smile:

Failure and frustration in Evolve should be looked at as an opportunity, not a burden.


You spent your money on the game,nothing was stolen from you,nobody forced you to buy it,so how can Turtle Rock be thieves?


From the looks of it he is the one who don’t know how to play. Not to mention some serious anger management issues.
Refunding him seems like a good idea actually. Definitely don’t want to meet someone like him in game.
And if he will spend refunded money to buy some sedatives that’d be even better, gonna make people around him feel safer.


So you just told us that you don’t know how to play the monster and that the people you play with are no good at being hunters. How exactly is that the game’s problem? How does that make the developers thieves?


I think if you were a little tactful that @MrStrategio would be more than happy to hear what you are upset about. It’s all about how you communicate your thoughts!

I as well have suggested that you should be able to DISABLE the queue from putting you in a role that you DISABLE. Even if it meant waiting a little longer, at least you get to play what you wanted right?

We’re all in the same boat brotha, keep it peaceful :smile:


Then snap the disk. You bought it, do what you want with it m8.
Just don’t get upset at us when you step on a shard of disk you left on your floor and it goes 3 inches into your foot.


The game is called EVOLVE for something ffs, just get gud m8.


I don’t know how to respond to this thread other than to say developers can’t sell you skills to play the game you have to develop those but also…


You must be the unluckiest Evolve player… here have a rabbits foot…


All you gotta do to avoid playing monster is add a few people who play, and join a party. That’s probably what’s happening now, you are in a lobby with a full party of 4, so the game puts you as monster.

You can add me if you want, steam ID is raucreativity


You know there is a solo mode so you can choose who you want to be, who you want to vs, how hard it should be and your not with these so called ‘idiots’.


At least he titled his thread correctly. Very descriptive.