Absolutely pointless to play a medic in Co-op


The aggo the medic gets from the monster is just ridiculous and it doesn’t matter what you do. You can keep your distance from the fight, you can tranq him, you can speed burst away but the monster will not let up on the medic until the medic is dead or the monster is dead.

The absolutely only way to survive is if you have Hank running is shield on you.

This agro in co-op and solo play really needs to be adjusted.


Playing Caira, I found I can tank the monster for a good minute with self healing. In the meantime my team pretty much kills it by the time I get down.


You need to learn how to play Caira. Also, circling around pillars is a good strategy for starters (like around the reactor in Medlab)


do you think this would be any other way versus a real player? :slight_smile:


Tell your support and trapper to do their jobs.


As @Ryaneko points out, this wouldn’t be any different if you were in a PvP match :stuck_out_tongue:

If anything, your support and trapper need to be focusing how to better protect you (the medic). Trappers should be placing their control abilities constantly to help slow down the monster from getting to you, and the support needs to keep his eyes open for when you (the medic) needs a cloak. By having these two roles cover your back, you’ll be much better off against the monster AI.

Good luck! ;D

P.S. Don’t be afraid to hop~swap to the AI hunters when playing solo. While they do pop their poons/cloak, it won’t be as immediate if you just go and do it yourself :stuck_out_tongue:


Human monsters are no problem, yes they target you but they also realize when to move on, the AI doesn’t, it will hound you until you are dead.

I just got done playing a Co-op and we literally had a 3 minute battle with the monster. That entire fight, he targeted nobody but me, the medic, the only reason I was able to last was some self healing and Hank shielding me.

Its beyond ridiculous.

Give the medics the cloak ability or fucking something to break that agro, extended jetpacks or anything. A stupid little speed burst is not going to help because you need to run so far away that you are no longer in the battle, and the tranq does not work for long either…just long enough for you dash backwards once or twice.


You should play against me some time ;D

But did your trapper place traps? Did you run to said traps? Did the support pop cloak? Did you choose to heal/fire while in said cloak before getting to a better position? Did you choose to move out of the cloak before it was an ideal time? Is your team communicating with one another so you know where the traps are? If the assault is Markov, is he placing mines so you can kite the monster into them?

These are some very important questions that need answering. But otherwise, it honestly sounds like your group’s inexperienced in some form or another. You can say that you’ve been playing since day one + beta, but if the team’s not communicating or thinking about how to protect one another, then you’ve already lost.


As the monster, my first priority is always to target the support and the medic before dealing damage to the demo and trapper. Generally by trying to isolate the medic/support/both first then dealing them damage before I have to worry about Markov tearing me to shreds with that lightning gun again. That’s just a good strategy and I’m sorry, as the medic you need to learn to adapt. Evolve is a great game, for once your team really does have to stick their knecks out for each other because going in guns blazing is just foolish. I actually have come to prefer Lazarus as a medic due to the cloaked Lazarus device strategy where the medic remains hidden while reviving the incapacitated/dead. Val is a little bit to easy to track with her medgun. That’s just my preference. Edit: also, in solo I’ve noticed that upon engaging Lazarus’ cloak the monster will move on