Absolute bug in matchmaking


Had an empty slot and Monster was my #5 pick. So please tell me why I ended up being the monster on a 4 player team?? I really hope the bugs get worked out because after about 10 match since the beta about to give up…


And it just happened again. Showed me as the trapper with an empty slot then it switched me to monster…Starting to really not be fun anymore…I really want to enjoy this game.


I believe online matches are required to place at least one player into the monster slot. There is some speculation on if this is true, but the strongest argument for this to happen is that without a player in the monster slot, the number of AI-contolled units is unfairly in favor of the hunter team.

For example, if two players are in a room (not grouped) and it goes to the deploy phase, there are two possible outcomes:
1- Both players are hunters.
2- One player is a hunter, while the other is a monster.

In event 1, that is 60% AI controlled versus 100% AI controlled. In event two, it is 80% AI controlled versus 0% AI controlled. Therefore, to have the lowest average of AI-controlled units across both teams, it is always better to place one of the two in the monster slot. This example holds true for any number of players less than 5 total.

As to your multiple games in a row of playing the monster, I would venture to guess you’re against a group of players. A group of players, assuming they’re not grouped with a second group of players (group of 3 + group of 2), cannot be the monster. This means whoever is not part of the group are the only valid people to be the monster for selection purposes.

This mechanic is being looked into and will hopefully be fixed to be fairer to the solo player in the update coming this Friday.


Thanks for the reply.