About wraiths abuction combos


So after trs changed wraiths air heavy its making abduction+heavy really hard to do. Hunters are able to escape the heavy after an abduction. Fun fact the new air heavy makes wraith sink like a rock while in the air.


Arent Heavy damaging & stunning combos supossed to be hard to do?
I mean before nerf you could have your monitor turned off and you would still hit that heavy but now you actually need to aim you attacks like all other monsters right?


Not sure you realize but Wraith requires the most aim of all the Monsters.


Well before the air heavy was quick enough to smack you after the abduction. Now hunters can escape it.


Her skills? yes. Her auto attacks? no. Being mid-air and pressing LMB (or whatever is on consoles) whas enough to hit Medic that you just abducted, cloaked support behind you, assault that was jetpacking 10meters away, pack of reavers at the other side of the map and Daisy on other server.


Now Wraith Players need a litten bit more skill and now they are crying.


not sure but i never really had that happen. I always get abducted. Then smacked with the heavy cause i cant access my jet pack a second after release. an it always set my camera in a different direction to where i was facing. to where if i was facing away from her im suddenly looking dead at her an thrusting at her chest. or facing her an suddenly thrusting at her chest again cause it reversed my camera.


Not really. Wraith players are quite possibly the most skilled of Monster players since they’re playing the Monster that is nerfed the most and her entire playstyle is constantly flipped on her head.

I’d say it’s worth the complaints.


I don’t see why people felt the need to nerf Wraith… Abduction is easy to counter.


People didn’t. TRS did, I love Evolve and TRS immensely but sometimes I think they just nerf Wraith for giggles.


Increasing her noise (audible range? can’t remember) was the nail in the coffin.
Wraith. A deadly assassin.
I can’t imagine, if someone was planning to assassinate me in my house, they’d drive up in a Juggernaut Lorry and honk the horn a few times.


It’s definitely harder to land the heavy attacks, but Wraith is by no means weak…
I honestly can’t say I’m bothered by the nerf. I’ve been able to play as I always have with her for the most part. Just adjust to the changes, it’s really not that hard.


Before, Abduct+Heavy+WB was a practical instagib after you got grabbed, now its actually dodgeable, so Wraith is a little less trashy to fight.

A little.

Cuz shes still really trashy to fight.

They normalized the walking audio for all monsters so they can all be heard from the same distance, before Wraith was next to inaudible while walking, now it can actually be heard, but its still harder to key out than the other monsters.
Wanna be sneaky?
Then sneak.


Wraith is borderline (if not actually) broken. As her concept stands she is next to impossible to balance. How do you balance a monster around not being found? With how Evolve sets up Hunt, Wraith has to be so difficult to find that by the time a fight breaks out she has to be incredibly weak. Except that she isn’t. Wraith can run around the whole map with little to no risk of being found until stage 3, and even when she is domed earlier, she can easily mitigate the whole dome with her traversals and her Decoy that charges her traversal and her knockback and her WB…

Then when she does hits stage 3, she’s virtually won already. It’s really hard to lose as her when her Supernova lets her shut down targets so easily. Even in rough terrain she is strong because of her movement capabilities. Orbital about to hit? No problem, just dodge out of it. Mortar? Dodge. Hunter running away? No problem, Abduct (or just follow around). Stage 1 dome? Go ham on the trapper since there is no way for the trapper to be with the team AND dome you at once (unless the monster player is just not very skilled).


uhhhh…yeaaaahhhh…I see? I think?


Congrats on your first Katt like.~


The skilled wraith players were the ones hardest hit by the air heavy change…

The bad ones will be unaffected since they just spam melee attacks anyways.


you kinda need to spam melees or else you’ll be getting nowhere. Spam them nonstop is a different story…


I feel that despite all the cries of nerfs on the wraith, plenty of people are still making it work. It still hits like a sledgehammer, it still is the hardest monster to pin down, it still has some of the burstiest combos this side of kraken.


When chaining heavies you didnt spam melee. You staggered each heavy with an ability or a heavy attack on the ground.