About TU release times


Now that all tier 5 has been released, with 1 DLC every 2 months more or less and that we won’t see anymore big dlcs (hope not so), and with adaptions left ,that require less time for all the test stuff etc , will the time between each title update become shorter or will it remain as always 2 months?


I’d imagine it’d get shorter. Thunderchild and T5 are both finished, so now all they have left to do is adaptations, balance changes, and bug fixes.


This last one wasn’t 2 months. But I would assume that it will take as long as it takes. If they have all the changes they want to implement ready and adaptations ready for release, then I could see it coming sooner or later.


February 10th. Happy release day Evolve! :birthday:


I wouldn’t mind if they took their time in between the Title updates

It can only be good for us that they be given more time to contemplate and balance the variations because the more that people like those concepts the more likely they are to continue


To be fair, they’ve done 8 title updates in less than a year. How often do other AAA titles offer nice title updates or similar?


we had a TU in september, november, december, january. soooo…it’s been every month since november


Damn bro, i never put it in that perspective bro

That’s dedication, Makes me feel hella unappreciative for anytime i was thinking how long it was taking


I don’t think they’ve ever taking time off. Except maybe Christmas and major holidays :slight_smile: They’re pretty busy. I sometimes chat with them on the weekends at night. They’re always busy bodies :slight_smile:


I thought about that after I said it and I imagined them just chilling for 1/3 of the year

Then i felt really stupid… Think before you type brain!!!



This thread isn’t a complain about TU release times at all. Just speculation on how they will get out since they completed tier 5 :slight_smile:


they will probably continue being monthly at this point and maybe even start doing micropatches more often depending on tu09 and tu10 work out


Plus, aren’t title updates about $10,000 per console, for each submission?


I dunno the details on title update submissions tbh.


It’s something super high like that, which just makes it more impressive how many TRS has rolled out in one year.


hasn’t halo only gotten 2
gears of war got 1
minecraft got at least 4


it used to be reported as $40k a patch for xbox but was decreased in 2013 (unknown value). and i believe now, its first patch free and costs can increase if patch submissions are becoming too frequent are extend a size limit


First free because almost all games have TU to download at launch now :confused:


woah woah woah, maybe a tier 6 release and trailer :wink: