About to put this game down


There’s just to many things wrong with this game to play it any more, one match fell through the, respawned stuck in drop ship respawn again pop my personal shield and monster kills me through it, next match all 4 of us stuck in monster GG monster, third match my railgun stops working as cabot then the monster gets stuck in a building, just wtf i thought all these bugs have been known for weeks if not months, it should ne fixed its BS how long patches take to come out, i love this game but its just sad how little its maintained until shits fixed im gone, sad to leave since I’ve been here since alpha


I’d try a reinstall, you seem to have badluck and have been hit with tons of bugs, there must be something going on unique with your copy.


The game is full of bugs. Yesterday it really hated me. I was in one of those long close matches then got kicked out with a connection error. Joined another game then fell through the map within the first minute. Joined another game and got stuck during stage3 evolve unable to use skill points or move.

Most of the time the game is fine, but sometimes it trolls hard.


Let me guess your on xbox?


There is nothing to guess. The game is ufortunately still quite much bugged.
(I am on PC btw)


the only bug i ve seen is the monster getting stuck and hunters falling throught the map, the others i ve never seen them and i played for 370hrs


And I have never seen the pyramids in real life, so yeah …


i m sadden by this news


Wow…thats harsh…Yay console!


Shame to hear it, if I saw the level of bugs you guys claim to see I’d be frustrated too. :frowning:


Happens all the time on PS4 especially since the patch 1.02 i believe or when the new hunters came out,the game has been glitchy and buggy as hell but…this game is like dating a pornstar, lot’s of issue’s that annoy you but you don’t want to let her go lol

(p.s i ainte dated one ha)


almost every match i play lags and disconnects