About to delete evolve and never play this game again

You guys at 2k and turtle rock made a great game. The concept, graphics, engine. It’s all great. But the game is complete crap. I have 600 hours and a couple thousand matches played on evolve. Ranked mode was A Terrible idea. Sure lets match you up with noob players and not show you their level and lose because of them every time. I’m tired of running health regen, because I can’t trust medics because I don’t know their level. I am a silver expert, I was a silver master almost elite but I get matched up with bronze or determining rank. I have given up on the point system. Because If I lose The game there goes 30 points and if I win yay one point. Even if I play medic they don’t dodge abilities, it’s like they see the rock throw or warp blast but they take it to the face. They just stand there and get shit on. Evolve you suck but I love you, but you suck


So ranked matchmaking is a terrible idea because pub players are bad? Don’t know how trs is to blame for that.


I know this could possibly sound silly, but, find a great team. I could help you with that if you tell me what console you play on. For example a pretty good way of exterminating this problem is to NOT play with randoms. And when your team isn’t on just play some arena monster since finding matches in hunt takes to long lol. Please don’t take this offensively <3

The best thing i ever did was play online with 3 other hunter players. Even if you just met them, as long as you are all in a party/skype you will be able to coordinate a lot better and even teach done people and learn a few things yourself.
The game is meant to be played with 3 other friends and once you find them is great.

Tip: whenever you see a good or decent player in pubs, don’t be afraid to reach out and message them. A lot of the time they are looking for people too.

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the avg skill level of hunters is a bit depressing but thats the norm in all games lately.
playing ranked and expecting good pugs is just silly though. we all know the ranked matchmaking is broken, thats nothing new.
ive given up on ranked and just play around in arena most of the time. you want to talk about scrubs, go play arena. some ppl in there are just so bad its scary (hunters and monsters).
the good games ive had involved the team actually talking with each other which is getting more and more rare.
so try getting a mic and using some communication

You should bash TRS because of random people’s skill level, and that most people don’t pick up the game easily because of the skill curve. Evolve is like a fighting game: complex for beginners, but the best experience one you know what your doing.



I feel your pain. I dropped from Silver to Bronze now. Hunt 2.0 is nice for competive but not for public games.