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Poor unappreciated trapper… You never get any love… Not many people wish to carry the heavy burden of placing the thunderdome.

Little do they no that true mastery of all hunter class fundamentals lies within your play style… I mean truly no other character can match the pure unadulterated meta game that is the trapper job…

Honestly if you can master the reflex mechanics of chasing, jetpack fuel w/conservation, and escaping/jukes… Then you have the secret keys to this game, because those skills essentially lets your mind concentrate on damage mitigation, seperation from teammates, and skill rotation. Also the up-boost is your friend, and will save you a whole 2 extra bars of boost on average, as opposed to just flying up…

I’m just saying I see a lot of people who try to switch off of trapper… I also see a lot of people who simply DONT understand the fundamentals of teamwork