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I think we need to put an end to semi to offensive focused supports. Cabot and Bucket particularly are NOT iterations I want added down the line for new hunters. It results in avery vulnerable medic, who’s now left to fend for himself when it comes to being focused.

There truly is nothing a focused monster can’t do to a medic stuck on a team with no defensive support.


HANK IS LOVE, HANK IS LIFE, buff bucket :3


Meh that’s your opinion… Cabot in the right hands can be a deadly adversary… And with a medic like caira and slim… The combination of invis plus damage amp is usually more than enough to deter the monster alone… Besides the fact that his armor just melted off and we are now doing health damage

Regardless of the team comp (unless it’s total crap) a good team will be able to focus the monster just as easily as it will focus medic… Because medic will run into the middle of the team and try to stay up…while the team deters the monster.

Even with a shield… A determined monster will focus through and down medic anyways… And there’s nothing the medic can do usually except panic and separate from the team like a fool



Exactly how many high levels teams use Cabot again?

Maybe putting him in the same sentence as Bucket was alittle much. He’s by far much more useful than the trash basket Bucket. But not enough that’s viable against any good monster.

Having him on your team literally makes your best defense your offense. Any one with half a brain is willing to take even alittle health damage if it results in repeated strikes on the Medic.

Tell me, unless the monster is standing still, what other possible reason could there be for him not to focus the medic down first?


Well if high level tier play is the only standard of play then about 1/3 of the characters in the game are invalid. The good news is that its not the standard though! Your also assuming that team defense skills will only be distribute d exclusively to support. I know that TRS described the support as the team buffer, but I don’t think they meant exclusively

Also sure go ahead and focus the medic with Cabot. Odds are I choose Cabot because caira or slim was on the team. Meaning I know its gonna a take you an extra 5-25 seconds to down that teammate depending on how good we are at saving him. I’m not just gonna amp you, I’m gonna pop invis and get in there to turn your attention. Now ur having trouble finding medic and you have about 2-5 seconds before your armors allLgone so make your call quick buddy

If you don’t down medic cause of my leetness your screwed for the fact of how much armor you lost, so it will be hard for monster to maintain offensive without risking loss.

If you do down medic your gonna want to finish that down right? Cause I’m not gonna save them. I’m just gonna amp you and watch assaults main weapon take you to hell. Hopefully my invis is still valid and I can just keep amping you from the safest distance to invis team rez.

I promise you even as a stage 3 monster I can kill you with 1 1/2 minutes of sustained amp damage… Bar behemoth… Thats Cabot’s super power… No matter how much health the monster thinks he’s safe behind … As long as Cabot has amp gun and Assault… Victory is within the teams grasp… Hell you’d better focusing assault first the way I’ll make you pay for spending 30 secs making out with medic


Since it seems we’re playing the “what if” scenarios sure I’ll bite I guess.

I rarely ever go for the kill, it’s all about the strikes. It’s really not that hard to just watch your medic bleed out. Hell I don’t even even need to be doing damage to them once they’re down. All I gotta do is just watch the rest of you and make sure you get no revives.

Or just rinse and repeat the strikes till medics dead and done…


Yup then your the smart monster… The down and out is one of the best counter tactics against Cabot

Of course Cabot and assualt should then break off to apply pressure while trapper picks up medic in this case, but once the strike is applied damage is done… But you won’t get the strike for free against a good cabot … He’s at least gonna take your armor and get to the health in that time

Medic is the weak link of any team but especially of the Cabot team… Your teammates… Medic especially, need to be 100% aware of this


But do you understand just how much pressure you place on the medic when you do that?

I understand that a good Cabot is somewhat of a threat, but that’s only for what, 10 seconds of damage? No Cabot can melt of all of a Kraken or Goliath’s armor off in one burst, let alone any real health damage.

Cabots just not viable against good monsters, but not as bad as Bucket, who offers literally nothing to the table.


Its a theory I would like to see thourghly tested…

I’m pretty sure Cabot’s amp gun can eat through even a behemoths armor in two good charges + a little extra damage… And you don’t need 10 seconds to apply damage… Just a smart assualt who can apply 1000 points of damage (amp cap) as quickly as possible (ideally torvald/Markov mines)

A good medic should be able to avoid damage almost completely for at least 6 seconds… 10 if their clutch with the jetpack hover… And a good slim/caira is self healing that whole time

Focusing doesn’t garuntee a down… Uninterrupted pouncing sure… But my Cabot pick won’t make you any less threatened if we maintain positions while we punish you

I’m saying in a good Cabot comp… Medic is in the back… So if you want here your gonna have to come to me… And I would’ve been amping you before you decided to bold faced come to me… I probably already did significant armor damage before you start focusing… I had to stop to recharge but when it comes back, if i can’t invis medic away, I’m just gonna put it right back on you

So you have a very small window to achieve down, in the face of brutal punishment and any one mistake will cost you way more health then your willing to give up…

Cabot has no defense, but he’s great at putting insecure monsters on the defensive


Where’s this…back?

If you’re talking combat medics (Slim, Caira), no way in hell will there be any “formation”

Hmmm, if you were on Xb1 this woulda been an easy myth to stop. Cabot comps, no matter how good, never end well for competent monsters.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be any damage on monsters, but I doubt any victories hunter side.

Of course I forgot about this though:

So ya, just take all my posts with a grain of salt.

I just hope at least 2 out of the 4 T5 hunters are capable of high level play at least…


Back would be any amount of maintained separation from the monster with you teammates in 'front" of you. Then a monster must physically pass your teammates to get to you. I would hope that their shooting the “right” weapons.

Formations are in play in every aspect of this game.

Two teammate’s get hit by same skill - bad formation

Teammate gets focused while surrounded by teammates, each about 10m out- good formation

Focused in position that will take time assault to get to- bad formation

I could go on all day… But I will agree with you on the fact that taking Cabot on the team forces you into a strange playstyle… But he really helps certain comps like laz


If we’re talking standard play, then ignore the below:

Allow me to introduce you to my little friend called traversal…

You do know if you focus down the assualt, it’s pretty much GG for the monster right? You can’ literally tank till the decay timer runs down…


You got me there Mr. Hat… But I’ll be back!!! After the Cabot buff … I’ll be back!!!


Theres a Cabot buff coming?


No, but we can dream can’t we… can’t we!!!

Hmmm this is almost turning into a telemetry and game balance question… Cause I bet Cabot’s WLR isn’t as bad as you make it out, my friend